Other Side

“When you put the magnesium into an acid, it will produce…” boring… I’m not interested in this stuffs… 

Hello from the other side. It was markings from a pencil, it was not there, I did not write anything. I tried to erase it, another line appeared, Why do you want to erase me? My heart skipped a beat, fear rushed through my bloodstream.

I stared blankly into the desk, not knowing how to react, my intuition assisted me by writing a hey on the table. The few lines disappeared, replaced with another set of words, this is the past you talking to you. “Impossible.” I uttered a little too loudly.

“John, do you have anything to share with the class?” we have not much time, I need to use your body momentarily. My thoughts were giddy, the teacher was in front of me, “Vandalism yea…” I swayed up from my chair, I’m sorry, there was the voice from within, the writer of the message, overthrowing me from my body.

We’ll talk about this later. I need your body to accomplish something.

A moment of speech which was pre-recorded by the past me was played.

Hi, I’m the past you, if you think that by erasing the past it will cause a paradox, yes, it certainly will, but what I’m doing now is to erase certain part of time which will not cause any spacetime disruption. It is because this particular future is linked to the part of time in the past by dark quantum entanglement that I want to erase, so… 

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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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