Bornt On A Silver Platter, Biting Off A Silver Spoon.

China is a country with the economy that is growing exponentially, and the density of humans in it is expanding with great speed. Although the government of China set a restriction to the child birth by one child per family in the past decades, and two children per family just recently.

The implementation of this law is a wise move by China because the population has reached a stable state, but the people are unable to catch up with the swift growth, incapable of adapting to the wealth they acquired in the past mere decades.

China was a very, very poor country. However, there is an atavistic, saluted demeanor that the people of China, Chinese, owns- hardwork. It is what that springboards China into the state of its glory now, the wealth that they have achieved is astounding, jaw-dropping, in such a short period of time.

When a country hits a dire strait, terra firma of economy, the people are shanghaied into fighting for themselves desperately, rising to the occasion with the innate minds of pursuing a breakthrough for themselves, and their country.

Hardwork and desperation is the best combo that you could mix together and make the effort of a human at his finest. Desperation, the wretched state of China had forced its people to get out and dig out some money. Hardwork, the Chinese has the savvy, the hunger for wealth, to bring out China from the pit of poverty. Adding patriotism into the equation, China in this contemporary is what it is, a crazy rich country.

The Chinese were geared up with these three elements, ventured into the uncharted grounds, and made their markets there, grinding their asses off for the money, for the country, and for the next generation. They worked, worked, and worked, with their gifts of a grand business mind.

The first generation had busted their heads off to bring China up til this state. The second generation did a great job in promulgating the wealth, and making the world salute China as a country. The third generation is still in the process of making, but we know how the gen-y and the millennials works, I dare not comment about it at all, you could imagine it yourselves.

Back to the main topic, the first and second generation are still living in the wretched state of China, their mindsets are not ready to embrace the wealth that those patriots brought in. China just needed a mere ten percent of its population at that wretched time to bring in tonnes of money. Most of everyone including the novea riches are still uneducated.

They are rude, abominable, without any civic consciousness. The wealth came into China as if a deluge of water flooded the land too quickly. The people are unable to put themselves up into a morally educated person albeit they are rich. Many of them are working ants, working for their country, but they failed to look into the education and moral part of life which they had to ignore when they were in the pit of poverty.

Change, they have failed to adapt to a civilised personality. If I were to be given a choice between China, an economy giant, and Malaysia, a third world country, I would choose Malaysia because Malaysians still have not lose their grip on the fundamental moral values.

But, China is a growing threat to all countries, they could eventually outsmart us in a cunning way, dumping their wealth into the global market, monopoly the world’s economy if their further educated generation are there to fetch the baton of wealth and power.

China is too big, too gigantic. India would be a worthy rival to China, United States has a great disadvantage in the game of numbers. 風水輪流轉, the adage that hones the meaning of karma, and depicts everything would have its time to shine, and the time to mellow into nothingness. This is what we are witnessing with our very eyes now, buckle up folks, China is going to dominate the world within decades, if their education and the quality of moral is prominent in their people.

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5 thoughts on “Bornt On A Silver Platter, Biting Off A Silver Spoon.

  1. This was a good article. Yes, China is the rising star, what they miss is innovation. This is why they send their children to study abroad, so they can learn and become more creative in their thinking and become inventors, because right now their focus has been in manufacturing — which they are great at. It will be interesting to see where the world is in 10, 20 years from now. Appreciated reading your viewpoints.

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