Chained Parapet #3

There was a wooden sign standing at the end of the bridge, DANGER! KEEP OUT!, clarifying the propensity of getting ourselves in deep soot. We moved from the wooden bridge to mired grounds, our feet started to sink, we ran across, Dave pulled me through as if he knew where the spots that would not drown us in were, and he did manage to get us to the walls to the haunted building.

It was ten-stories, stone concrete, windowless. Both of us got unto solid ground. Some light was emanated from the crevice of the wall, Dave peered into it, for a few solid minutes, as if he was sucked into the wall. “Dave…” my voice quivered, “Can… we… go now…? I’m… scared…” Something was off, really off. He did not respond.

I jolted him, still no response. His hands hung in a pendulous manner, I pushed him to the ground with my body weight, he prostrated, and twitched intensely. What should I do? My heart was racing, my thoughts were churning in fear. I shoved him aside, and peered into the hole, a magnified bilious minute eye stared into me, I fell unto the ground on all fours.

Tears of fear rolled down my cheeks, I was sweating profusely, the adrenaline kicked in when I saw a dark figure of a doctor at the corner of me. The moonlight reflected off the scalpel in his hand, I scrambled on my feet, sprinted across the mire, leaving Dave behind.

That was the last time I saw Dave, on the singular island connected by the chained parapet bridge. Regrets, yes, there was a lot of it. I was lost of words when I busted open the door of my home.

Silence, a lull after the rush, “Mom…?” another pause, the wind filled in the gap, “Mom…? Are… you here…?” Bang. The door shut itself, my mind was empty, not knowing what to do next, my knees gave way, I slumped to the ground, bathed in the somnolent moonlight, I dosed off due to fatigue.

I woke up at the exact spot, skimming through my surroundings, it was a terra firma, no nothing, just sand. I sat up, bewildered, shell shocked.

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