Tapering Hope

Treading through the thick snow, gradually pierced by the prickling ice. I was counting the minutes left in my chest, the candle that was emitting an igneous glow, shimmering dimly across my body, signifying the ephemeral life span that I had left.

The thick coat against my petite body, I was singularly left out by the clan, the dystopian of modern immorality. There was nothing with me except the fire glowing, tapering in the cold, harsh snow.

I marched, cowered, got up, forced my way through the stone cold snow. The nights became young, the cold was monstrous, I was on my knees, what’s the meaning of all these… why not just give up… where could you end up if you get yourself out of here… The realistic faculty of thoughts kicked in as Providence structured it as such.

My vision was blurred, there was no lights in the dark. It was sombre, deadening, and bleak. My heart could not hold on to the thread of hope, the fire that I was holding was diminishing, slowly devoured by Providence and Death.

The intermittent flashbacks to my distant past coruscated in my mind, playing back unexpected moments of life, those minutiae that I did not even pay close attention to, the moment when I was having fun with my family. I was prepared to meet them in the hereafter where everything was promised, a paradise, a heaven to our convoluted lives, the next realm of ethereal encounters.

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Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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