Unsheathed Paragon

His back was mantled with a grandiose posture, he stood there collected as he deflected the sniper bullet with the aid of a modernised katana, ting! The high pitched deflection was diminutive in the cacophony of the war.

He slammed me down, and took cover beside of me, “why did you not take cover?” he spoke harshly, “you almost get yourself killed.” He did not keep his katana, holding it in his hand.

“My… mistake,” I uttered, “What is the next command?”

“There are over dozens of snipers in this vicinity, 31 to be precise. You are coming with me to take them out.” What? Is he crazy? “Don’t worry, they are kept busied by the commander with the dummies. Let’s go!” we hustled into the tall grass, furtively marching into the nearest watch out tower which was made of wood.

“Wait, signal.” he tapped in morse.

“Wha…” BOOOOMMM! The shock shook the vicinity, it was an EMP detonator, I was partially hanging to my consciousness, realising that he was climbing up the derelict ladder and shoved the enemy beside me. I took him out by instinct immediately after he landed unto the ground.

He waved to me to come up asap. I ransacked the enemies body, stealing his clothes and everything, put them on in a jiffy. As I reached the top, he passed me the enemy’s sniper, “Shoot.” flashing his katana in the direction of the commander. “I keep watch.”

Everything happened too quickly, I analysed the positions of the enemy’s snipers in the area. “Quick. No close shots. Not enough ammo.” the stash that was in the canopy was meager, this guy must have a poor aim. I fired a first shot, piercing through two heads.

The bullets were going out as fast as I could count the heads rolling off the enemies. Chiakk. “Ammo out.” shit. 

“Nice aim. Down.” he pointed downwards. I headed down first, then he and his katana in his hand. As we were climbing down, a shot was once again deflected by the falling katana, another shot was fired, this time, it was soaked by his body, piercing through mine in the process.

Puff… into the tall grass was our burial ground, “why… did… you…”

“This is my code of conduct,” he coughed out some blood, “we are most likely going to be fugitives, but remember the chip that is implanted inside us.”

Cough… cough… death slunk into our lives, intervening the threads of worlds, trimming them off, and both of us died in war, setting the enemies’ main base on fire.

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Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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