Breaking Through

“Why can’t I do this?”

“Why not that way?”

“Why is it not like this?”

“Because it can’t be done as such.”

“Because this way is only the right way.”

“Because this is meant to be like this.”

The questions are always invoked by us, the inquisitiveness inside us, in order to break free from the bondage of constraints applied in our daily realm.

The answers are the restrictions that are bound to trap us to think in a certain way, in a particular way which is a norm in the society.

We have the susceptibility to break through our boundaries, the limits that are made by homosapiens, us. We have the ability to create, but why not bending the logic behind it? Are our brains that shallow?

Yes and no. We do have our limitations, our brains could only cope so much, but we used it marginally, fractionally. How to break through? How to escape this endless loop of inferiority and unsolved conundrums?

Be bold.

Think. Do not think. Imagine and materialise those perceptions of yours, make them come true, have hope that they would come true.

Have hope.




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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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