Chained Parapet #4

Twice the shock, it was no small deal for a boy at post-toddler age. I picked myself up, tiny strides and the sweltering weather, for a few hours, I made it to the nearest house.

“John! You poor thing…” Aunt Suzanne ran to me, and I blacked out as I knew I was in safe hands.

The days after that incident were spent living with my aunt. We once went back to see the area, it had become a wasteland, not even a vestige of the past. Aunt Suzanne had a vague recollection about me having a brother and a mother, it was an enigma to us. She accredited to take care of me, she had never mistreated in any way, she took me as if I was her own son, I was grateful, no words could express my gratitude to her.

A kiss of the gentle breeze caught me spirited away back into my flesh, I gripped one of the chained parapets, gave it a shake, the jangling of the chains invoked the chilly atmosphere of uncertain terror that laid over the bridge. My front vision was covered with dense fog where no light could penetrate it.

There was no indication that the demented building was present. I make my way across the bridge. The walk was unstable at the start. crack, crack, CRACKKK. The wooden structure that supports me gave way, I rushed my way to the front, not looking back to the abyss behind. I barely made it to the other end, just an inch then I was going to fall back, my feet found the solid ground.

I regained my balance, scrutinised the vicinity of my view. It was sunny, clear. Bright daylight scattered around the place, unlike anything before crossing the bridge, the air was fresher, my body had recovered from the lethargy of the training session.

Check everything that you have with you, my mind prompted me, phone, a bottle of water, watch, glasses. I turned on my phone, checking for signals, but nothing, just as I expected. I switched it off, before sliding it into my pocket.

The ‘DANGER’ sign was still there, I left my phone there as a mark for my watch- a device paired with my phone that acted as a guide to my starting point. The bottle of water is left there, all these actions are based solely on my intuition because I had a jaundiced perception about this situation and I was an adventurer a few years back, this trick had saved me a couple of times from being lost. Although the phone is off, I can connect with it via my watch, that was a tech dropped by Aunt Suzanne’s doorstep for me.

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