Chained Parapet #5

Darkness did not conquer the sky, it was clear as if the day had just started in this continent. I jogged through a dense forest, it was uncanny, the silence that was emitted in the forest. My pace did not drop, I ran faster, somebody is on me, I sense danger, accelerated through the forest.

Hum… Hum… there were signs of life, benign or malignant, it was for me to determine. Hum… Hum… I slow down my steps as an edifice taking image in front of me, it was a temple. Omm… Omm… a monastery to be precise, a handsome building, shining in ethereal glow, towering over me with its grandiose white structure with fresh red pointed-edged roof.

I leaned against a tree trunk for cover, my eyes skimmed through the vicinity for threats, for signs of life, nothing. Cost clear. I dashed pass the empty ground wreathed around the grand structure, pressing myself against the white wall, catching my breath after then.

Peering into the corners of the wall, there were monks draped in blood-red robed cassock, sitting cross-legged on a crystal coated stage, hands folded in a circle laying upon their thighs. I was overwhelmed by a community as such that exists in this island. My head did not stick out too much, fearing that they might spot me which will put me into mortal peril. I could sense of insecurity as I shrugged back into position.

Are they a cult? If yes, what kind of cult are they in? Cannibalism? In my previous experiences, I could not recall any religious practice that permits wearing blood-red clothes meditating in a strange aura.

The wind swept, goosebumps, fear was overwhelming my thoughts. I took a few steps over the corner, exposing myself to them. They maintained their postures that of a statue. Hundreds of them were stretched about the area.

The main crystal stage was surrounded by four buildings with different colours, the white building due north of the crystal stage was my current position. A sombre black building, a blood-red building, both standing athwart the crystal stage. Tiles of mosaic floored my walking ground, I removed my running shoes, the only protection for my feet, and brought myself to the crystal stage.

Sunlight wad devoid as the clouds covered the sky, the clothing of the monks glowed in a resplendent red, beating in a palpitating shine. I was pivoted to the ground, I was about to turn around and run. The monks hovered in my direction. What the fu… my feet were recalcitrant to move, I was nailed to the ground, I am screwed.

MOVE! JOHN! MOVE! My feet flit across the floor, slipping into my running shoes, breaking into a sprint for life, I tumbled over, my clumsy self picked up the pace of the lost steps. The monks were dashing above the ground, levitating into my direction. The lost steps were recovered, but I was not as swift as I thought, a whole pack of monks surrounded me, my fear pinned me to the ground once again.

WHACK! An appalling shot sent me into the stars, I was losing myself, dwelling into unconsciousness, my view coruscated in a kaleidoscopic manner, dabbed with bright colours, dwindling into darkness within a heartbeat.

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