Day three, we woke tired, 11 am or so. Xiao Ping, brought us to walk around the vicinity and took a bus to the heart of the XiaMen.

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Fenced up as such is to prevent people from unwarranted accidents
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The police here are very active.

In comparison, Malaysia’s police are damn lazy, you can only see their shadows during Ramadhan month or some festive holidays. They want money but do not want to work. In China, the police here are industrial, same as all the workers in China, a working ant keeping things in order and good shape. Learn something Malaysians.

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A scintillating move for earning ad revenue in tolls to shopping centres, or parking lots.

The day was quite chill, nothing much was on because we were all worn out from yesterday. Thus, Xiao Ping wanted us to mellow down, and have dinner afterwards.


Another 20 course dinner. No food pics again… just a bone for you guys. We had abalone, freshly caught sashimi, 20-year-old, carrot soup. The courses were just absurd. I just could not, and did not want imagine the magnitude that they had to pay for us.

Day 3, an uneventful day had ended.

I would take this time to talk about the internet in China, their Internet does not support U.S. websites, such as Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, even Play Store is blocked. Only VPN would let you have full access to everything in the Internet. We are marching into an era of letting everything available to everyone as easy as possible, and want to promulgate a united community across the world, opening the thoughts of everyone by exposure.

China limits Chinese to use only China supported websites like WeChat, WeiBo, QQ, and other platforms provided by China. These avenues are synonymous to Google and such, in Chinese. China is playing a game involving monopoly, controlling the people about how to think about the world, and indirectly creating the second biggest community in the world, wanting to trump over the U.S. modus operandi.

Even the radio there only plays Chinese songs made by Chinese. The stores that I had seen are all monopolised by Chinese, all genuine and not so genuine business by the Chinese, there are very few foreign stores vis a vis locally managed stores. This is where China is heading to, re-dominating the world.

A little opinion about China, hope you would not mind…

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