Another late start of the day, packing our bags, leaving XiaMen, going to our roots, NanAn, where it all began. My surname is 潘 (pan1), and I am really proud of it, cool name though. When you look into history, many game-changers have the same surname as me, I feel so badass.

Random shots on the road, two hours drive, I slept for most of the session. When we reached, we checked in the hotel there. Nan An is akin to a ‘new town’ in Malaysia, a class below the suburb area in English.

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An old fashioned chalk board in a factory.

Before anything, Tie Ming, brought us to visit his sibling’s factory. A sewing factory. It was cited by him that this is a family business that is kept running from the first generation.

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German machines from the past.
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More German machines.

They were willing to take a small pinch rather than to take the plunge because they bought German machines which cost a bomb at that time, but saved up for the susceptibility for breaking down, that was why he became super super rich. He thinks a few steps ahead of normal people at that era.

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The factory…
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The sign…
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Old equipment.
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Old signs.
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Awards for the factory…
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The symbol of the factory…
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One of the pictures of ‘pan’ bloodline.
WhatsApp Image 2017-06-09 at 21.54.56 (1)
a weight from the past.

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The building is built by my ancestors, and the food is the best, and the most home taste I have ever tasted since my late grandma. This is one of the food that I am going taste once in a life time, I reckon that I would not have another chance eating it again. My tears was veiling up when I was eating this meal because it tasted so good, it was something nostalgic and the best taste.

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We had reached the ancestors house, the cover picture is me sitting in front of it. Candid haha. Above are some shots of this secluded ‘kampung’. The population in this ‘kampung’ is more than Kuala Lumpur, could you imagine that.

More pictures haha. There was someone who writes good caligraphy there, I guessed it flows in our blood, because that old man underestimated me and I shocked him.

The bolder one is mine, I tried my best after 4 years of idle in this field.

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this is the full family tree.

Here are some aesthetic shots from the ancestor’s house, that is hard to be found in any area of the world.

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You know these days, during trips is the best time to take a new picture for the profile picture. Comment below if you want me to change my profile picture to this.

The post is quite lengthy, stay tuned for the next post.

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