After those visits and taking pictures we were escorted to have dinner and then a break. Then, we were brought back to the ancestor house to have the ceremony, which was one of the grandest Chinese ceremonies that I had ever attended.

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The pictures above are of the grand ceremony. The beat of the ceremony went as such. The ngam mo lou, (the chanter if direct translated), spoke in a coarse language, archaic, and the brothers who built the house stood in front of all the ancestors, doing what the ngam mo lou said.

After a session, the fireworks would be lit up, just a few feet away from the ancestor’s house. It was the first time in my life that I did not need to zoom in and take a shot of the fireworks, it was really close. And there was this one guy who was holding a stick that shot fireworks that of a gun shot. He held it within arm’s length without any ear plugs, he fired the stick. BANG. BANG. BANG. BANG. 

Then, the ceremony swayed back and forth in this pattern. Until a moment I got thoroughly bored. I went up to the ancestor’s house, there were two aunties there. I chatted with them, but it was difficult because my Hokkien was a little dusty and their Hokkien differed from mine a lot. One hour, I stayed on top, chatting, escaping from the cacophonous ceremony.

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I could not post any videos here because I am using the free platform that WordPress provides. Haha, I am sorry that I could not show you guys about the closeness of the fireworks that is inside my stash. You could visit me on Instagram to see it.

The ceremony ended at 3 a.m. They offered us supper consisted of rich chicken broth, rich duck broth, and some dark sauce meat. I was too wearied to even think, I was craving the hotel bed at the moment. 4 a.m. everybody headed back, my head was reluctant to sleep as I covered myself in the hotel blanket.

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