Chained Parapet #6

“John… JOHN!” Dave’s voice shook me up, it was the haunted building from our childhood. How… Is this happening? Isn’t Dave gone? I was placed in a field of confusion.

Come on John, let’s cross the bridge!” I allowed the memory to unravel itself, observing the minutiae point that I had overlooked.

My over-analysing self took over. Everything is the same… Nothing spe… A resplendent coruscation heaved into the corner of my eye. It was a derelict house located due north the DANGER sign. My consciousness waned into darkness.

My head was hung low, I was sitting on a metallic chair, my arms were chained to the arm rests. Static, stagnant the air was, I slowly lifted up my head to look around me, the image that I perceived was two dimensional, rather than a three dimensional view. The room which I was locked in has no doors, I was floating in the middle of the room tied to the chair.

I struggled, to no avail, my body was not of my mind. Chilly, dingy, I was chained to the seat, waiting for retribution of my inquisitiveness. “John.” A pristine female voice resounded the room, apparitions of invisible figures appeared around me, it felt as if I were in a hospital, the emergency room where everything peaked.

“John.” The atmosphere intensified, colder, into my bones I could feel the jitters, “If I were to give you a special ability, would you be able to sacrifice one of your senses” she spoke in a ghastly voice, apparently familiar to the ears that could not be recollected at the moment.

I remained silent, the room rumbled violently, “Speak! Child!” the female voice turned distorted. My heart pounded against my chest as if it was seeking for a break free from this frightening room.

“What… do… you want from me?” I searched for words at first, fortifying my fortitude word by word, releasing a compelling question.

“I repeat.” She said solemnly, “What special ability do you want, and which sense are you willing to sacrifice? Your windows to the reality? Your drum to…” She stopped abruptly, the staleness of the room went dead as there was a beam of light shining pervading the dark room.

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