The next day, as we crawled out of bed, we headed back to the ancestor’s house for groupies.

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I am the one in grey, with brown sleeves. Haha, I just stood/crouched there and smiled. After massive photo shootings, they brought us up to see the tomb of the ancestor.

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This is the tomb stone that I am talking about…

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Feast your eyes upon my poor photographing skills haha. One of the aunties there let us in to her house, letting us take epic pictures of the sunset.

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We headed back once everything was settled, and we had dinner here (as below).

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and had a karaoke session here (as below).

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The next day, they led us to the airport. We greeted each other goodbyes, as it was a once in a life time trip, living the lives of the affluence for six whole days, ready to step back into reality, where the new found motivation to be like them rekindled in me.

“do you have any feelings about when you are visiting your ancestor’s house?”

No, not so much, but I am proud to bear this surname that would shake up an eternity of change.

“would you visit China once more?”

given that the humans there become more civilised then I will consider, but for now, no more.

I have been missing out about the utmost hospitality that those relatives were giving to us, I found out the reason, it is because my grandpa was one of the main kickstarters for them among the siblings, he pumped in money to them so that they could become what they are now.

My grandpa planted, just for us to relish upon.

I am proud to bear this surname, and I have acknowledged the roots of this surname. The betterment of the future would be wrought by me.

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