Chained Parapet #7

Transformed almost instantaneously, the room reverted back to the initial position where I was not yet spotted by the monks. The towering monasteries were unified as one big pearl white edifice standing singularly in front of the congregation. I tried not to succumb to my inquisitiveness, I made sure I was fully equipped, when I looked down, I still did not have my running shoes, instead I had a pair of sandals on, my outfit seems facsimile to just now.

The monks were chanting in tongues with their backs facing me, an obscurity that was freaking me out. Muafakat membawa berkat, Kuasa-Mu yang memberkati kita… The chorus of chanting reverberated my ribs as if herds of cows rammed themselves unto my chest. It was literal nonsense, an action of togetherness brings blessings, His powers are our blessings. Repetition was the dread to my ears, it was stuck in my head, I could not cotton out whether they were chanting or not.

Something is wrong. I could not feel them, this realisation was a belated reaction, even the sandals on my feet, nothing was felt, the touch was gone. I recorroborated my dubious thoughts, lifting up my hands, clasped them together. It was a void, nothing was felt, no heat, no tenderness of flesh, it was nil, nothing. My sense of touch is gone.

I was shrouded in a shock of confusion, convoluted was I, the monks sprinkled around me in an act to seize me once more. John. Go to the wooden house. Dave spoke to me telepathically, I could not reply, I had to follow his words. Lingering with the lost of touch, I threw a punch as hard as possible into a monk’s face, he blocked it with his bare hands, and darted into the air, sending a couple more of his comrades flying. Wow… I stared into my clenched fist with a bewildered gaze.

“Haha…”  I laughed under my breath as I had super strength. Using my body weight, I charged through the crowd that of a bull rampaging in the colosseum, knocking out multiple opponents simultaneously. The other monks did not responded, assuming they were at the same fate as me, they could not hear, see, or even feel.

I seized the opportune time to flee to the direction of the wooden house that I only caught a glimpse of it in a parallel flashback of the piece of memory. Running, keeping up my pace way ahead from the monks, I ran into a thick forest where I was clueless about my whereabouts.

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Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

5 thoughts on “Chained Parapet #7

  1. Very palpable and evocative. I usually cringe a short fiction but I read on until the end here 👏👏

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