Broga Hills Malaysia (Honest Review)

0415, beep, beep, beep… I crawled out of my bed, yet to come to my senses, I grabbed my towel and bathed. Waking myself in the process, I had to wake my father up to fetch me to the rendezvous point of meet-up to Broga Hills, which is located in Semenyih for a hiking session with my colleagues.


0500, I reached the rendezvous point on time. 0550, we reached the foot of Broga Hills which is a parking lot grown with palm trees, we had to park our cars there. And there came the Carpark Aunty, who insisted us to foot a ‘parking’ fee which was counted per head, rm 1, illegally. (If you are the government who reads this, do send some officials and sweep these people away)

The Carpark Aunty also insisted us to pay rm 1 in order to use the toilet provided there, I did not give a damn about her, this piece of land is not owned by you, why should I obey your orders? If there are people wearing proper government ranger suits, I would pay, or else…

It is so dark. so difficult to see. We had to use our flashlights.
Entrance to the Broga Hills.


Then, here comes another two annoying guys, the guy with white hair and the one in white with a cap, they were there to collect another entrance fee from us, rm 1 per head. Once again, my stand point is the same, do you own this land? I got so pissed, I gave the rm 1 reluctantly, and took a snap shot of these guys.  (Hope this could be shared to the officials of Broga Hills district to be taken action of.)


Here are some photos of the first peak, around 7 a.m. If you want to catch a glimpse of the sunrise, you must be on the third peak, the highest one by 6 a.m. which meant you must wake up at 4 a.m. and drive here and start climbing.

The climb is nice, and the scenery is breath-taking. The first few moments of climbing were easy, I was a runner, ‘was’, that ‘was’ was a thing from a year ago, until now, this was the first time I really got to work out. Dark, sombre, bugs, muddy, slippery, that was the combination of this climb.


Here is the first-half peak, our team was split into two, the young and energetic ones conquered the front, the not-so-young ones were trailing behind. I was in front with several colleagues who are athletic. The challenge was yet to come, we continued our way to the second peak.

Somewhere on the second peak.

And the challenge embraced us with open arms, we were not prepared. Just before the third and final peak, that part was the most excruciating, the most challenging part of the hike. I could not take any photos here because I needed all four of my limbs to climb up to the last peak.

My heart was palpitating for breath, the pace of my heartbeat was steady as I controlled it, my knees were trembling in a wearied fashion. My mind was zeroed in to the climbing process, looking out for the stable ground to land my foot on. I kept up with their pace until we reached the two big rocks.

We looked after each other, giving support whenever needed. The two big rocks were a real challenge for me, there was a singular rope dangling there. I seized the rope, getting my butt unto the rocks first dragging myself up with the help of my colleagues. I helped them out also.


Here is the apex of the Broga Hills. The children there were from Temby School (if I did not get it wrong), not with our squad. We were quite surprised when we saw all these children there. I was 90 percent exhausted. We, the young ones, found ourselves a spot to rest.


Khing with his GoPro helped us with the photo taking sessions. As of the spare time, we sat and waited for the rest to come up to the peak.


Then, there is this dog beside Kenny, that hiked across the three peaks.

After all these taxing efforts of climbing up the mountain, we decided to head down after Des promoted the centre to the Tembi children.

Dua buah cempedak. Haha
On the way down.
Maybe we might have take the wrong turn.
The essence of rubber.
We found our way down with the help of the ranger despite we went to the wrong route.
At the bottom…
Another group photo. All tired but satisfied.
Marching back to our cars.

Unfortunately, the walk was going to be long, around 20 minutes on foot. However, we had our mouths, Ivan, helped us to ask for a ride from the workers of Broga Hills. The worker was kind enough to stuff approximately 15 of us into his small pickup truck which was illegal. No footage of this truck ride, haha.


Final group photo, we headed back.

Broga Hills is an exciting place to go to despite of the long drive, I would definitely be back here again if there is a chance in the future. The hiking part is challenging but not dreadful, except the two big rocks part. This place also has a wide array of equipped facilities to bring a group here, from camping to flying fox.

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