Chained Parapet #9

I woke up in the dilapidated wooden house in my dreams, the interior looked more or less the same as the vision just before I woke up. My head was spinning, blurred with the familiarity of this place, it was as if I had flown back in time just after I had lost everything.

It was back in the times when the house was occupied with emptiness after I had fled from the ghastly island. “Dave has seen too much.” it was Cadence, my mom. “How did he find out such things?”

“Are you planning to be exposed or…” I squirmed and saw Aunt Suzanne standing beside my mom with Dave whom was effaced of life, it was as if seeing his dead body on the back of Aunt Suzanne. “it depends whether which is important.”  The silence was prominent, threatening in another sense,”your life or theirs.”

My mom was petrified, knowing that she was shanghaied into this conundrum, having her to pick either one party to be saved. Who is Aunt Suzanne? What is so secretive? My thoughts were sprinkled around the scene, a pile of mess formed inside me. I could hear, I could feel, that means I’m still out. Letting my conscience take over.

I remained prostrate to piece together their conversations.

“You know these biological weapons that you have invented would wipe out the entirety of the homosapiens?” Aunt Suzanne revolted.

“And do you know that your existence is a bane to our survival?” my mom rebelled. what are they talking about?

“How about your deal with the extra-terrestrials, which puts our species into grave danger?” Aunt Suzanne raised her voice in defense.

“It was you whom have the first contact with them…”

“Cut it. The boy is semi-conscious. If you divulge more…” Aunt Suzanne said solemnly, cutting of the enigma that they were speaking, and stopping the aggravation between both parties, “Let me ask you once more… yours or theirs?” Aunt Suzanne marched to me, picked me up by the neck, suffocating me in the process. My thoughts thinned into nothingness, that deserved some rest after all of these ups and downs.

ET? Biological weapons? Who are you guys? Is my life a total lie? Am I the test subject?

“Yes.” replied a woman standing in front of me who resembled Aunt Suzanne and my mom. this is going too far. How can I hear? “Good question…” she hummed into my head, a sawed-off shotgun was put against my head with her bilious eyes staring the dead into me.

Chi-chak. The sawed-off shotgun reloaded itself, “Look at this magnificent power that I have gained from them. I can do things that humans can’t.” her voice droned into a distorted mechanical groan. She ripped herself off the mode of the unfettered personality. Two demeanors were battling for the control over the body.

Now’s my chance, I told myself, skimming the vicinity for the ray of hope to escape from this treachery, Why did I feel and hear? “HAHAHAH! the serum is working as I wanted it to be.” her voice was distorted, “Stay where you were!” both voices were shouting in cacophony, I shut them out, not hearing a single thing from them. I can control my senses. The realisation struck me.

“Go forth my child!” she sprawled unto the floor, “Stop! You bitc…” scratching the floor with her bare nails, “Get into the gran…” throwing herself to the derelict wooden structure of the house. CRASHH!!! I scanned the house, the door… I sprang to life, sprinting into the room, slamming it close.

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