Unwarranted, Outmatched

Rifle on my back, stepping into the aperture of the wilderness, orchestrated the wild into a war song, torn up from the outside, wretched from the inside, cacophonous ambiance, the trees were the sombre strings engulfing my entirety, asserting to me the only certainty was uncertainty.

I furtively trod through the bog ahead of me, leaving nothing of me into the pit of infinite abyss, trailing my intuition to search for the sacred animal. My legs were heavy, wearied down by one day of hiking in this uncharted terrain. I was terrified, I had nothing to lose, I had everything to, my life, my dreams, my desires that I did not have authority over.

The swath of uncertainties were too prominent, flung straight into my face, I did not even know whether this creature existed or not, I trusted my guts, and here I was, three days and three nights, solo, into this expedition to find this creature, slaughter it, and bring it back to heal the villagers.

They cited that the essence of this creature could heal them their uncanny disease that was too grotesque to describe- eyes bulging, scabbed cutaneous, over-growing hairs- it was an utter horror. I have to, must find this creature. 

My ear twitched, the innate nature of humans signaled me, something is wrong. A scamper of a tiny figure coruscated by the corner of my eye, it was not an imagination, it was reality. I tucked the rifle into action. The small creature was quick, I was deft. The palpitating heartbeat of mine was ripping away my rib cage, something is really wrong.

swish. swish. swish. I froze as the small figure slapped my rifle away and plunged straight into my face. My hands were not fast enough, one of my eyeballs were plugged out from me, leaving the bloody red veins hanging out of the hollow socket. A searing pain, a well-brewed rage, ARGH! I seized the small creature in mid-air, nothing, I could not do anything, both of my hands were preoccupied with this mess on.

It spat the eyeball right into my face, a cluster of cremains, diluted with its digestive fluids. It struggled, I did not let go, the worst choice of the day, it transformed into a piece of slime, from solid to semi-fluid within a heartbeat, it slithered around my arm, pockmarking it with a multitude of holes, trypophobic, reigning a calamity unto my soul, and an imminent peril.

Its force was greater than mine, the distinct cracks of my bones were audible, the pain subdued my thoughts, I could not even react, or flinch. Everything was synced in a snap of ambiguity, it tangled me, I did not have time to react, neither did my system did. I gave in to the small creature, fighting a losing war, letting the endemic creature seep into my system, corrupting everything in one sweep, making mine as its vessel, to wipe out the people whom I loved, and met, and the innocents.

My hand, its hand, picked up the strayed rifle, trudging my way, its way back to where more flesh could be found, more vessels that could be conquered, more souls that could be devoured.

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