ATM FLAWED (A Sadistic Torture Case) #2

Calling for help was not an option, surviving was my only choice, hoping that one of the officers would saunter into our dorms, and do the checking, my mouth would be sealed if I shouted. They were getting reckless, they tied me into a chair, my consciousness could not hold any longer.

Oi, babi…” Yells of ruthless vulgarity was barraged into my face, they spat into my face during the process, three dozens of different spits, coated with the demeaning suicidal thought. “Lancau!” they wrapped me tightly against the singular wooden chair, and brought me into the store room of the dormitory.

I struggled, and I got an opening, they were off-guard, mustering all my strength, I slammed my head into one of those madmen, “pukimak kau…” he enraged, landed a sucker punch on my sorry face, he did not even blink, the savaged looks of them were mounted with obscure madness, insanity.

Nothing could save me, or either shed mercy on me, Allah, selamatkan aku, belas kasihan kepada saya… My silent prayer was torn apart by a slap of the belt, scorching pain surged through my body, another shot, and another, and another, incessant flow of pain, they still insisted that I stole one of the madmen’s laptop, and hid it away.

They were gorging me with profanity, violence and unknown rage. I sat there, when I tried to give a riposte, a slap of the belt was my reply. It was continued for a long time, how long, I knew the sun set, the moon smiling serenely into the room through the only aperture of the room, the silver cord that tied me to the hope of escaping.

The beating stopped, the night was still young, they were sleepless elites, madmen, all of them were still crammed in this room with me, they were exhausted, my eyes were starting to give up, darkness was devouring me into its abyss. Don’t. I told myself, prompted, myself to stay up, to know what they were going to do with me.

I sat there, strapped to the chair, a bondage from them, the vicious beasts, madmen. For a laptop, and a prejudice to me, they were able to move mountains and seas, torturing me until they get what they wanted. The stars were shimmering in the dark clouds, “Allah, selamatkan aku…” My prayer trailed off with a unwelcoming thrust to my jaw, I blacked out.

Bangun!” It was cold water, I was naked, reeked in the stench of their spit. “Mana laptop? Cakap!” Another chill was sent down my spine, a frostbite, a brainfreeze, the pain was excruciating, They are madmen, arguing is useless… their extreme virtue became their vices, vice virtues. Allah, selamatkan saya… intercepted by another stream of cold, pricking torture.

Cakap!” I was trying to ignore the gang, they were still in here, all of them, I counted. I analysed the situation around me, the only hope that was a long shot, a possible one was the wait for the officer’s check. They stopped with cold water, they just let me there, exposing my cutaneous layer into thin air, blasting the air-con at maximum, hypothermia would kick in if I shut my eyes.

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Disclaimer: all events above may not be the truth, some were added for description, but the main idea is there. This would be considered a fiction to spread the awareness, and the scariness of this kind of places in Malaysia.

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