ATM FLAWED (A Sadistic Torture Case) #Finale

Minutes? Hours? I did not know, the day turned dark, and poured into the dry ground, I was thinking about the last time that it rained in this area, distracting myself away from this hell hole. My skin was stinging my senses, I was cold, I could only feel the stone cold floor with my feet, my bare bottom against the wooden chair, and the prickling sensation of the rope.

One of them marched in front, holding a bucket filled with dunk, he hoisted my head upwards, I was reluctant to open my mouth, “Buka!” I was recalcitrant, a sharp shot was directed into my Adam’s apple, instantaneously opening my mouth, letting all the crap into my system. It did not stop, there was three bucket filled with that shit. I shook, I struggled, they repeated the process, my neck was burning, I felt like regurgitating in their faces.

Vengeance was brewing inside me, I kept moving, not staying still. For the third bucket, few of them took water hoses and whipped them against my bare skin, I was defenseless, the dunk was spouting out of my mouth, I could not take anymore. One of them mentioned about letting me go if I told them about the exact location of the lost laptop.

Dubious, they would kill me even when they were done having fun on me, sadistic. Kill me. The thought hunted me, it kept me up, fighting every second to stay conscious, to wait for the check. “Oi! Cakap!” they lashed their unknown anger against me. I did not repond, Allah, selamatkan saya,…

Stalling in my hope, they unleashed their final weapon, their coup de grace, irons. They plugged in all of the power source, heating up the irons, steam irons, the steam shrouded the room, misty, humid, hot, and crammed with three dozen of inhumane soldiers. Their smile sinister, they held nothing back, four fireballs from hell shot right into my skin, I could not shout, the pain overwhelmed my system.

They realised they had not covered my mouth, they shove a piece of underwear into it, I could not rebel, I was worn out the whole nine yard, I surrendered my life to Him, hoping that He could grant me the endurance from this living hell. HISSS! HISS! My skin was evaporating into thin air, they were uttering about how exhilarating this was. HISS! HISS! HISSSSSS! they were taking turned to burn the living dead out of me.

I did not scream, I did not scream, I was motionless, they did not stop, HISS! HISSSSS! HAHAHAHAHAH HISS!! HSISSS!!! HAHAHAHAHAH they were laughing hysterically, hope was diminishing this very second, the gossamer thread of hope was about to break.

HISS! HISS! HISS! It went for hours, pain was the only thing I knew, I recognised in this period of time, my skin was boiling, the layers were charred, impaired beyond repair.

BANG! “APA KAMU SEMUA TENGAH BUAT?” An officer. My lost hope. I faded into darkness.

My consciousness shot back and forth from reality to darkness, my system collapsed as soon as I was treated by the doctors. I could not think about what humanity is anymore, I hoped that these guys were punished by Him, biar aku diselamatkan oleh Allah.


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Disclaimer: all events above may not be the truth, some were added for description, but the main idea is there. This would be considered a fiction to spread the awareness, and the scariness of this kind of places in Malaysia.

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