Chained Parapet #10

The old grandfather clock stood singularly in the dusty, sombre room. “Hello. Human. Glad to meet you again.” it said in a computerised voice. I laid against the concrete wall. my knees were jerking uncontrollably, contorting in a way or another. “Afraid not. Jeckell and Hyde are my underlings, they have received my gift.”

what is happening? “I am an alien, a creature from far far away, wanting to conquer Earth for a long time.” So… it is true. “Yes, we are true.”

“You… can… read… me?” I stammered in fear, the alien was still nowhere to be seen.

“Search not. I live in a higher dimension, you can’t perceive me, but only hear me.” he replied in the computerised voice. “Why power?”


“You think of something during the injection of the serum. Why?”

“I… want to live.” fostering the courage inside me, spat this mouthful of words to the invisible, higher being.

“If I give you one more chance…” the grandfather clock cranked loudly, the hour hand crept slowly anti-clockwise, “I’d hoped not to see you again. You have a gift.” The atmosphere shifted quickly, “Use it.”

I was back in the dark room, where I was clamped to the solitude, only knowing that my life depended solely on the hope that I have to survive. “Speak! Child!” Hope… The multitude of darkness engulfed me alive, not even giving space to breathe.

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Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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