Chained Parapet #11

DANGER! KEEP OUT! the sign was the first thing that came into my sight. “Screw this.” I uttered under my breath, “I’m done with these shit.” I picked up the belongings that I had left there, running to the chained parapet that led me in the first place.

As my pace was crescendo, the unfaltering bunch of monks hovered across me, swarming the vicinity around me, I did not stop, they stopped me, laying punches after punches into me. “ARGHH!” blood trickled down me from my head, my mouth. You have a gift. The alien’s voice rang in me. Hope. I caught hold of a punch flying into my face and threw it, crashing it into a dozen of monks.

Syaitan! Setan!” they chanted across the atmosphere, their voice were just a mere brush through my ears.

I zeroed out their voices, I can control my senses. yeah… “Get wrecked!” I swung an elbow knock into one monk, sending a bunch of them along with him. I raced athwart the chained parapet, I ran for my life, it was indeed a long sprint across it. The run was as if I was back in my training.

The monks were at my tail. I did not want to engage into any combat with them, it would bend and break the bridge. My iris contracted to enable dimmer lights to come in, it would be as if I had night vision that of cats. I looked down, the derelict wooden structure was fragile, steering my vision in front, it was an incessant, endless path to nothingness.

My speed was decreasing, fear gripped me hard, I stumbled myself, laying face-first unto the floor, giving the chained parapet a violent shake. The monks were all over again, they knew that I was vulnerable when I was distracted from my main motive, sprawling into action, the bridge was unstable, the wooden foundation was giving way. I tried to muster my strength to break out from this tortuous fight.

focus… focus on the hope… my mind collaborated with my fearless heart, dashing to the front without bothering whether the chained parapet had an end or not. I ran and ran, it was as if running on a treadmill. if I am insisting on going against the current, why not I go with it… This thought sparked a million possibilities in my mind.

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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

5 thoughts on “Chained Parapet #11

  1. Bryan when will you upload the finale of this story? Because I want to know how it ends xD!
    Just kidding, upload it whenever you want 😛

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