Under duty, I was sleeping in the bunks of the enemies base, my mission was straight and clear, destroy the base at any cause, even by trading my life. I went in the base as a registered private, under the command of the Chief In Command (CIC), my every steps, every moves, were invigilated by the enemies through the eye in the sky.

I scouted the whole base with precision, mapped it mentally, knowing every corner and the habit of the soldiers here. This was the aftermath of the dreadful war, these enemies were taking the advantage of the weakened countries, trying to get them all in one grand swoop, unexpected, and here I was.

They had one base due to their shortage in economy, they were the underdogs based on the information that had been gathered by my heads. I wrote the report in Morse by concealing a recording device that was linked to the ARPANET, daily, risking the fact that had recognise my dubious pattern of life.

No assumptions could be made as I was a spy, I could not assume that something would happen, I could not overlook even the slightest minutiae that I had notice or not realised in the enemies’ base, or else my tomb would be there.

OPERATION TEN EXECUTED, INFILTRATOR DETECTED. OPERATION TEN EXECUTED… The sirens were blaring, everyone woke up to gather at the rendezvous point. This was unprecedented, my plan was incomplete, but it might be the only shot to get into their main arsenal, hangar to blow shit up. No one was running, that was uncanny, the information provided from my authorities were false, I panicked, I ran instead of being like everyone- still sleeping in their bunks.

I was standing singularly in the middle of the blare, of the enemies in the room, javla helvete, A flash bang exploded in my face, I was completely blind for a full minute, bumbling around the room, trying to regain my composure through closing my eyes. I’m done, I felt my limbs were strapped by the claws of the enemies.

My vision went clear, four men was hoisting each of my limb, a gun was pointed to my head, Chigak, The gun was loaded, they were waiting for orders to execute me, to deal me with the coup de grace. My sight was impaired, not my physique. I scanned the vicinity for a escape route, to shake five of them off. I could not feel any of my weapon in me, I was disarmed by them before they dragged me away.

Another soldier passed by in front of me, NOW! I twisted my body, creating the immense torque, splintering their hands like twigs. The guy hoisted the gun against my skull fired, hitting the soldier passing by right in the heart. Five on the ground. I recovered, sliding a kick to free the gun, and a back flip, crunching his head in between my legs, snapping it into loud crack. I took the pistol, shot four shots to their respective skulls, and leaving the final bullet for the heart shot soldier in the head.

I knew I was being watched from every angle, I looted quickly from their bodies, armed myself with a few EMP grenades, and a few C4s, and of course an AK-47. Picking up my pace, I rushed to the generator room, manouevering furtively across my mind-map.

Opening the door to the generator room, it was not, it was the CIC’s room, he pointed the gun dead into my head. My reflex unpinned the EMP grenades, sending both of us flying into the steel walls. He bounced back into his posture, and so did I, was a step ahead of him. BOOOMMMM. The bomb slugged me into the wall once more, tasting the soot, and the concrete ground.

If the room had shifted, so do my room. I made some rough calculation in my head, recapping the previous room here, and the few rooms beside, One, I go find my room, and unleash hell by a press of a button, two, I arm these C4 on possible spots and blow them all at once, hoping that the shock may trigger the button. Three…

My thoughts were intercepted by a continuous explosion. Everything happened too fast, I was obliterated within a fraction of a second, of a heart beat. I was gone, I completed my mission, I stopped another war, I won, I would not be remembered in history, neglected by the black and white, the world kept spinning peacefully without me. I smiled, with hope of a better future.

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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

7 thoughts on “INfiltrator

  1. This was intense. Loved the qay you brought out the action and the message at the end.

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