Raising Your Voice

“PLEASE LISTEN TO ME!” the whole class took a short hiatus, Ash kept her composure when she had to stand for her point in a mere discussion, she kept on blabbering about the things that she had contradicted herself on.

Before diving right into this, here is the whole full passage:


This was actually the first passage that I had faced in MUET that challenged my thoughts and comprehension skills. I could not comprehend the gist of the passage on the first speed read, if that would to occur, that passage might be difficult. This answer should be obvious, but if I am wrong, correct me in the comment section below.

Back to the discussion, Ash did really less in controlling her emotions, she let it run rampant, and she raised her voice against us. Me and Zhuan were having the same opinion, and we defended our point pretty well, but she did not, she contradicted herself in the middle, I pointed it out, “I mean that the information technology has a future, and the use of the information technology could build a future for this tech.” this might be what she said.

“Isn’t use the same meaning as apply?” I corrected her sarcastically, “try to get the gist of the passage,” I asserted. She shot back with a loud voice, and a barrage of gobbledigook out of rage, this was the moment I knew we pissed her off. We kept quiet for after her anger had subsided.

Zhuan was not wanting to talk anymore, but little did he know, when someone loses chill during a talk, the one has a high susceptibility to be wrong, because one could not defend oneself with facts instead resulting to shouting. I was calm, cool, and collected, reiterated my points to her with different evidence. “Ok lah! I accept your points! Let’s not talk about this already, but when the teacher asks about this, you two need to answer!”

“Ok…” I said meekly, “Let us go back to the unsolved problem afterwards.”

“No! This problem is solved, I agree with you about your point…” her voice in a crescendo.

“I understand but I need to clari…”

“NO!” and the discussion continued with her cooling down and I tried to approach her with my facts again, she seemed reluctant to accept it.

Raising your voice in a discussion, a talk, a chat with someone means that you are unable to control your rage with your puerile mindset, only thinking that you are right. I did not even raise my tone when I was talking, I know I was correct, I persisted in a gentle tone, she took it very hostile, and closing up to my opinions. I paid full attention to her opinions, and pointed the flaws in her thoughts, but she was unable to do so.

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Leave your comments below about what the answer is, substantiate it. I am anticipating a well controlled discussion below, not a shitstorm. Thank you. đŸ™‚

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3 thoughts on “Raising Your Voice

  1. Raising voice doesn’t have to be about beeing wrong, but it’s much more about losing self control. However it doesn’t mean, that someone who raising voice will do something inappropriate. In some cases raising voice might be fully controled and be used depending from circumstances, it may be to get attention, or to terrify someone.

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