Chained Parapet #Finale


“This is bad. Should we end this experiment now?”

I flushed my way through the monks, against the ranks of their fortified formation, I charged with the flow of the situation wanted me to go. There was no bridge below my feet, just the chained parapet dangling over the ferocious sea. Floating, hovering, I was shot back into the dark room with the old grandfather clock.

The room brightened up, there was a dozen of humans locked in alienised capsules, they were contained in a green fluid in giant tubes connecting straight into the ceiling. There was no ceiling, it was an infinite abyss of darkness, maybe it belongs to a higher dimension. I concealed my conscience by pretending that nothing happened to me, screening the area around me for things to be perceived but other than as mentioned, all were invisible to me, just blank.

There were two figures marching towards me, there were featureless, a suit and a tie floating in thin air. I gasped for air, calming my mind for the fear of it was an illusion, that my whole life was a hallucination, “I would like to use the word simulation rather than a hallucination,” a deep distorted voice cited from the suit and tie, “what a queer being humans are. Start another trial for this subject.”

I tried to object but nothing, it was my consciousness screaming, not my body, “remember to wipe out every single memory that this subject has.” he commanded, flickers of light went off, “… and I want to have a word with this subject, give me five.”

My head was heavier as I felt the overwhelming presence approaching, “Worry not humans, you have benefited us a lot, with your easy language that we have acquired through our endless simulation, and the will that kept you guys living, which you called hope, are the greatest discoveries that we have up until now…”

I was utterly dumbfounded by those words spoken by the alien. “Moving on. We have captured a fraction of your species as our test subjects to experiment on during the intergalactic, no, inter-dimensional war that we have going with different layers of society. These things that you have experience in your mind were a mere recollection of your moments on Earth, mixed up a bit. We believe that if we could acquire your piece of intelligence, we could control the dimensions. ”

“Why power?” I blurted out, shielding my thoughts with the undying hope in me.

“I can’t read you anymore… What is happening?” the voice was quickened, as I expected they were emotionless beings with higher dimensional powers. “Guards, power up the simulator for this subject, we are sending him back, erase every single piece of information from him.”

“You haven’t answer me, alien.”

“It is be…”

“You don’t have hope. Don’t think you can learn that from us…” A blinding coruscation hit me, I was back in the house with my brother and my mum, it was a simulation running once more. Those fragmented pieces of memories were gone, but the hope in me was found, in the midst of everything that was happening, the voice deep inside me rang,

Have hope. We need more people to find the hope. 

The chained parapet snapped into pieces, the clanging of the chains shook the vicinity. I ran to my mum, she dissipated into thin air, the simulation failed, and shot me back to the alien’s place.

“Let’s kick some aliens’ ass.” Dave pulled me out of the tube. We clung unto the hope that kept us living which the aliens did not have, overthrowing them, reclaiming the glory over higher dimensional beings.

“Do not get over yourselves humans for I am the one and only Providence.” the alien cited.

Providence or not, humans would prevail, for nothing could stop the unstoppable hope of humans, and we were once part of the plan of Providence, if we wanted to crush him into a pulp, we could just simply disrupt his plan, and waited for the opportune time to strike him.

Puerile. Providence spoke into our minds.

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