Eco Sky Food Fair (Honest Review)

Work done. 6 p.m. Rushed down. Fetched two of my friends. Jam. Jam. Jam. 8.30 p.m. Parked at the Tesco Extra beside Eco Sky because the enormity of the crowd at Eco Sky. Strolled down, met Greeny, and off we went to our destination.


Time to slow down my speed. Everything was settled, we had reached our destination. This time the present rate of our group was 9 out of 10, Girlgod had to meet her father who had come back from overseas, so she was absent.

The lightings of the Eco Sky is simply beautiful, a really great place to take splendid pictures.

This was the crowd, when we first marched in, just four of us first. Really packed.
This is the line.

The atmosphere was uplifted by the throng of people and the live band that they had there. The live band was even letting strangers to sing on stage, really good idea. Four of us met with the rest of the gang, and we started to queue up to buy the foodies. We also met Guo Bao there.

Greeny is very concentrated and Chow Tau Fu.
Takoballs, a little bland, but still edible.
Cola Chicken, really bland, even the Cola was out of gas.
The live band… Good sounds.
Nangka Cendol, authentic, cool.
Accidentally took this picture of Lee. Haha.

The food taste did not really matter to me at that point in time, because I was hanging out with my friends, eating with them, even white porridge would taste good. It was the feeling that I had when I was having a good time with them.

We proceeded to an open field, not so congested, and brought some ice cream, and food along to sit there, and chatted. It was a long time that we had this moment to chat together, time, even my wearied spirit was not a matter when I was with them. Someone to talk to, to chat with, to fire shots to, all these great times.

A groupie taken by a stranger, we chatted afterwards.
Selfie by Greenie to cap off the outing.

I told them my encounter with Lerr during the conversations, because their lives were deluge with banality, from study to sleep, and they had no stories to share. They advised me to stay away from her, “If someone really loves you, they would not avoid you, and if you still try to get close to her, she will feel disgusted.”

“Maybe just wait longer, she is going to Korea, just continue with your hard work, and time would take you with the flow.”

That was what I got from them, we bade each other goodbye, and I fetched Bacon, Kah, Onn, back home. It was the dead of the night, the traffic was still congested, I broke a conversation with Bacon about recruiting her into my blog, a negative response, she cited that she needed time to consider this, a few months, a silver lining in the sombre night.

P.S. JULY 2017
food outing with famulei…
Don’t reject my hug next time…


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