The selves of candies against my back, I was trapped singularly with the psycho-candy-maniac, he was holding a sugar cane, which was my height, and he was tall, really tall. He was wearing a red-white top-hat, a matt-white suit, and a sinister clown’s smile. His afro was sombre ruby red, stained with the past victims.

I was the final one that survived the mass sweep that was conducted by him. The other people in this compartment died in a swoop of his cane, melting them into a candy slime, edible, but gross. Out of 50, I was the only one who survived the onslaught, I hid under a kitchen bar where all of the cooking utensils were kept.

“Child… You are the final one.” A searing poke was at my carotid artery, prominent. I felt my neck was liquidifying. I bounced out of the crammed hiding spot, with a pan on my hand, standing in front of the maniac, I was scared shitless. “You think you are able to run…?”

I touched the part where he poked me, it was became the touch of a candy, I tasted my fingers, It is… what is this guy doing… I thought, he shoved the enormous candy cane into my mouth, I was suffocating, it was sweet, the irony of death. “I’ll make this quick, child…” He applied some force, a large force unto the cane, squeezing it into me.’

Fracturing, cracking, breaking my skull, the pain was unbearable, something was ripping my head off, and snap! My head rolled unto the floor, accompanying the other victims of this vicious maniac, “Go in peace.” His last words, my last blink of conscience, my first breath in heaven.

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