Cancerous People

“That guy ah, creating a shit show at Whatsapp, what a dunce…” I spoke casually and pointed my phone to my friends. “Read this, what in the world is he thinking, this Kang guy.”

He scrolled my phone, laughed at his idiocy, the rare source of comedy in school, “wah… this guy, damn bold ah, ‘can you give me five reasonable reasons of why we should attend this ball which costs rm 40?'” Lim recited from the conversation, “Such a kid. If I were the head of this school, I would sack him from being the monitor, and let him endure some lecture from the counselors.”

“You still remember the last time he invoked the school in this very same chat? He really didn’t get his lesson.” Lim nodded in assent, and scrolled through the rest of the roast, “I still can’t comprehend why the seniors need to respond to this Kang guy, just kick him out of the group lah! Waste time deal with this kind of malignant cells.”

“Cancerous indeed.” the Chinese adage- when you mention a name in the day, the mentioned guy will appear magically in front of you, Lim pointed at a hunched back, nerdy bespectacled, spiky head, a little mental retarded, with a malicious smirk hanging on his face, creepy in another sense, rather pallid figure with a conservative stride, “that’s the star.” he cited after he passed by.

I broke into laughter, “that’s why lah, only this kind of people can brew a shitstorm, so damn sohai,” Lim also laughed, “this Kang guy is going to be pummeled by the society once he emerge from the sea of fabrication,”

“Yea… The seniors and teachers had the time to ‘educate’ this piece of wretched person. So daunting…”

“But lack the courage and brains,” I intercepted, “If he really dare, then go into the principal’s office and bring up his opinion. That’s why he’s just a blind cow knocking on metal walls.”

“Ya ho… The last time we went into the vice-principal’s room to talk about an issue regarding the school which makes us dissatisfied.”

“Haha that Kang guy won’t dare to even march into the freaking office, maybe shitting his pants in the process.” Maybe I went too far, We laughed hysterically.

This kind of people are the most cancerous of them all, there is a saying that goes, if you argue with a smart person, you can talk sense into him, but if you argue with a stupid person, the only sense he knows is nonsense. He should have learned from the past experience, of keeping his mouth shut when needed, and maybe crank up the piece of grey matter in his head.

When you meet this kind of people, the only thing that he can bring forth is danger and harm, stupid people do not even think, they can do anything that is so unexpected, and of the utmost degree of idiocy, something that is preposterous, you as a rational, normal human being should keep away from him.

Really, there is nothing that can be done to him, love and care is futile to this kind of demeanor, privation and a rock works because at his age, about 18, the brought up by his parents made him as such- puerile, immature, disrespectful, idiotic, cancerous, stupid- or the peer influence, he had gone too deep into the pit of stupidity, no one can save him, except for his head.

The ostrich above is actually a near perfect depiction of how he looks, the mouth disproportional to his brain and ears add together. Add a spectacle with a blocky black frame to give yourself a clearer depiction.


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2 thoughts on “Cancerous People

  1. I like the saying “…if you argue with a stupid person, the only sense he knows is nonsense.”. I completely agree! They need to be more open-minded before they can begin to learn anything.

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