Red Lollipop

Flashlights on, I embarked into the derelict wooden house, haunted by the throes of a little child, a shrill of the night, deadening my valour, uplifting the terrifying atmosphere into a living roller coaster straight from hell. Everything was packed, thermo-camera, and a torch light, that was what I had.

A step into the creaking wooden floors, I felt a ghastly stare from the end of the room. My motto here was to collect data for my paranormal collection. They cited that this was the most haunted house in the suburbs, none of the solo paranormalist made it out of the house, no body was found, the cops could not find any thing left behind, even the evidence that he had been there.

My pointer rubbed across a surface of a cupboard which was beside me as I entered the creepy house, the coat of dust was an inch thick. I lifted my camera to illuminate my vision, there was a red spot at the corner of the screen, disappeared at the other second. I used my bare eyes to pick up something, but it was just pure darkness, with a glimmer of moon light.

A chill went down my spine as the whole house creaked in an uncanny fashion. The red spot glowed in my eyes, I saw two beady eyes suspended in thin air reflected by the moonlight. This is wrong. A wooded door appeared at the back of me, there was no wooden door before I stepped in.

As my head veered to the front, a pallid face, flooded with crimson red blood in the form of tears, wrecking chaos to her scary complexion, a red gleaming lollipop in her mouth, I cowered, and crawled to the wooden door as a threshold. She was a little girl, she was sad, terrified, hungry.

I was puzzled and afraid at the same time. She unveiled the red lollipop from her mouth, it was a candy made from a head which I vaguely recognised, a colleague of the same field. SHIT! I scrambled to the back, I was terrified, horrified, scared shitless. My legs were jellied by fear, I crawled frantically.

“Come on.” with a welcoming tone from hell, her quivering smile was tipped with the red lollipop, a hard grip was summoned on my legs, “Let’s have some candies!” She was leaping away, dragging me along.

NO! NO! NOOO!!! I screamed, shrilled. “Be quiet. We shalt have our sweets soon.” with a lingering sinister curve in her voice, I was petrified, “So you have stopped moving…” my mind was blank, empty, hollowed out by fear. A giant red lollipop swooped my head away. She licked the red lollipop nonchalantly, patiently waiting for her next victim.


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