Desperation and Determination

It is laudable to say that humans are emotional beings, we have the innate nature to feel with our very hearts, and have the consciousness to make decisions that would create another branch of future based on string theory. Our decisions are mostly determined by our emotions and thoughts, a mix of both which is why we feel, and we are the humanity.

Desperation could kick start the inner monster of us, turning us into a formidable enemy, that would be the last resort of the extent of our human capabilities. Our ancestors hunt to survive, they were incessantly rush with adrenaline to be on par with the beast of the wild. How could they muster such competence to hunt to feed themselves? Hunger often shanghaied us to be desperate, to have the will to kill for food.

Determination is cultivated inside us with time, to be resolute, to be clear about what we want to achieve, and to go for broke to attain the abjured achievements of ours. When we are determined to get something done, our focus would zero in, all of our physique would be committed into accomplishing all of the things that we are determined to be done.

There is a catch, determination or desperation? Which would make us a better competitor in any level playing field. Desperation would emerge as a winner in a short run, but determination would reign supreme in a long run. Determination needs time whereas desperation could be summoned if the situation is trying enough.

If someone is desperate enough, cogitation normally would go in vain, and the person would do things that are out of bounds, breaking every rule that was ever made to save themselves whereas is someone is determined enough, rumination would play an important role, plus the undying will would rekindle with the igneous flame smouldering inside the person, determined to achieve the things that they want in their moves, within their conscience.

Desperation lacks the thinking part, determination often leaves out the daring part which is less prominent compared to desperation. Both of these attributes must come hand in hand in order to be the perfect match for us to be better than other people in any level playing field.

Considering both desperation and determination work together, we would be able to unleash a deadly monster with a functional brain within us. Thus, making us an even lethal monster that would realm over any level playing field where all of our opponents are mere humans with a brain or a brainless monster sauntering around with no match to us.


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24 thoughts on “Desperation and Determination

  1. Bringing the best of every side of ourselves can, and will help us become better people. Just have to be determined enough to get to the level of desperation for accomplishment.

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