China is a country where the economy has grown exponentially over these past few years, being on par with the economy giants of the contemporary. However, when the economy flows in too quickly, the people there are still stagnant at their old times where moral values were kept aside, and not acquired.

“Croakk! Phewt!” the driver of the bus spat out of the window when the red lights were flashing.

“Croakk! Phewt!” a random youngster was passing by me spat onto the tiled floor in the concrete jungle.

The boat from the island was about to reach, “The boat back to Xia Men is approaching the dock, please wait for the doors to fully open to board…” in Chinese, and the metallic door sprang open once the boat reached the dock. People were pushing here and there as if the Armageddon was raining into humanity.

The older generation especially forced their way through the already congested waiting area, they pushed, they squeezed, they made their way through the thick crowd, disregarding the meaning of ‘queuing up’ and needless to speak of the spark of decency, they have none. The sticky exposed parts of our bodies were rubbing against each other, sweaty.

They pushed, they pushed, and pushed, almost tripping myself into a fiasco of stampede. I let them board first, and trailed them from behind. This phenomenon happened every time when embarking and disembarking any boats.

I was standing singularly against a pole on the topmost floor of the ship, enjoying the scenery in front of my eyes, in the midst of people of China, mostly.

On my right, there were two aunties posing and pointing their camera here and there, obstructing the general view for the passengers behind.

On my left, there was a group of ladies, holding their selfie sticks, swinging it here and there, just to find the perfect angle for their groupie, disregarding the fact that there were people in their vicinity.

They spoke too loud, their tone was too harsh, they were from China, one of the richest, and the fastest moving economies in the world. I dislike the people from China for being such a lack of civic consciousness. I am sorry if I have offended any of you, but please, we are humans, having the capability to self-reflect, and to be less like animals.

Maybe it is their education that could not keep up with their wealth… Imagine a country having a sudden economy boom, and magically grows it in a short span of time, but the people there are not able to adept to it.


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30 thoughts on “Unruly

  1. It makes me so happy that there are blogs about things we need to bring attention to….i remember watching a docuementary on China’s pollution and economy for school-and not only was it eye opening, but saddening. I also love your message on human decensy…I remember gonig to Cambodia to help people, and went to Ankhor watt to be greeted by very noisy tourists who seemed to lack awareness of their surroundings >~< I love you content(⌒▽⌒)♡

  2. Well, this pushing/shoving is not done just in China. It is done in Europe as well. Some countries are taught to “wait in line,” so when we go to a country, any country NOT just China, and they are not so orderly, as we were taught, it is a bit infuriating. I think you need to be careful of singling out China as the ONLY country that is disorderly. EVERY country had pros/cons to their lifestyles. We travel, so we can learn about different countries and their traditions, which means focusing on the positive as well as observing the negative.

      1. It’s good to give your opinion, but sprinkling in a little positivity would be great instead of pure negativity toward China. It’s clear you do not like China, so then I wonder why you keep going there. Try to find a country that you enjoy going to that would be more inspiring for you. THEN I think you wouldn’t even notice the negative points of the country, because you would be so inspired by the people, etc. No country is perfect… let’s appreciate what we all offer. That’s all I am trying to say. Keep writing, enjoy your posts.

      2. Haha thank you 🙂 By the way it was my first time visiting China, I would incorporate both sides of the situation, not so biased, writings in the future. Thank you for your time and read.

      3. If your writing style is biased, that’s Ok. As readers it is our job to give our opinion on what we read. You are an excellent writer, full of different ideas, I am sure your trip to China gave you more clever ideas for writing your stories. Good for building characters and scenes in your stories. 🙂 Have a nice day!

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