It Is Us.

The sun goes down, and the stars come up; from ashes to ashes, dust to dust; we are humans, and we are not. Humanity that is innate in us since time immemorial has been incessantly drained out by time, the globalisation, the issues of life, most of all, by ourselves. We are obliged to face the conundrum of the modern life with our human values, but often do we forget about them.

It is us, we create, we advance, we prevail. We are the ones who mould the society of the contemporary, gradually forgetting how to become human, or we are regarded as ‘evolutionised’. Time ticks, our cravings for exploration, our thirst for adventure, our hunger to discover, would never be satisfied because we are curious creatures. We adapt to our surroundings, we change, but it is us who have made ourselves negated of human values.

Homosapiens, one of the most selfish beings, we took over the majority of Mother Nature by force over the past thousand years, we took care about ourselves, neglecting the lives of other species, and also our own kind. Killing, murder, terrorism, all of those, are the wretched acts of our beings, it is us who made our species turn over their own backs, and slaughter their own kind, because we have cultivated the non-trust basis to this niche of mankind.

The non-trust basis illustrates a vivid impending doom of our kind, when we started to lose trust among our own species, we are tantamount to pernicious extinction. When we do not have trust, we could not work together with each other to bring advancement to the Science and technology; we are consistently haunted by the hostility of mankind, where everyone lives in the law of the jungle where we hunt each other down even before our eyes met; we are deprived of the human values, which makes us not humans anymore.

It is us that make us as what we are now, defined by the world that wreathes around us, jumping into conclusions, taking things for granted, being iniquitous, having the consensus that our society is advancing at a drastic phase, having distrust among our own beings, being who we are, less human. It is us.

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