Social media and mobile games are a bane to my time drainage. They literally sucked my time out of me, and splintered my attention into probably a million pieces after years of over-utilizing these platforms.

Fragmented attention, a term coined by a person who was speaking at Ted talks about quitting social media, is a very prominent syndrome that is eating the living attention out of me. My focusing range is impaired significantly over past few years, I could not sit still and study, or do the things I am supposed to do, unless I am unplugged.

Social media is something that gave me the enigmatic anxiety, the extra burdened information for my mind to run through, there are tonnes of freaking posts about virtually anything, as your eyes brushed through them, your attention is splintering right in front of your eyes, and the burden that your mind have to cope is simply too much, which makes you anxious. These feelings are incorrigible, inevitable, unless I am unplugged.

Time is not on my side, I realise that I am getting older as my fingers are flying through the keyboard, and I have yet to complete much more exciting things than of to get worried, anxious, on all those updates or whatsoever, I have not much time to spare.

Mobile games are equally addictive, they are as destructive as social media, they both trigger the 'reward system' in your brain to release those 'pleasing' hormones into your bloodstream, I need to stop, get unplugged.

Some exceptions need to be made, Instagram, is one of the platform that I want to keep, it is the only place where I could store my important memories at instead of my computer, this is a more preferably a contingent database. Not more than half an hour of games per day, a simple reward after studying. Youtube, because I do not Netflix, or watch TV, and there are spectacular tutorial videos there, and Youtube is my secondary school teacher about academics.

Everyday, after spending an hour on games which I could have spent on blogging makes me feel depressed. After spending an hour scrolling through the Facebook feed, my attention splinters even further. Hours after hours of no productivity, I find myself on the bed, sleeping into the next morning, repeating the same old process.

I want to make a change, to live a different life after almost five years of the same old shit, scrolling Facebook, watching stupid Youtube videos, playing the repetitive game over and over again. I want to write, read, study, gain more knowledge, experience more, learn more, be more to the Earth than to be bound to the virtual world with unbreakable chain. I want to be unstoppable to chase my dreams, I want to be different, inauthentic, achieving, experiencing, and living a more interesting, breath-taking life. I want to do what I can't, suppressing myself, surpassing myself, attempting to be the creme de la creme in my desired, and even my less desired fields.

Almost forget about Whatsapp, if you really have something important to tell me, call me, message me, duh. Whatsapp group discussions often leads to nothing but shit talk. But, I will only use it for work, solely for work only, and a little for school. I am not going to check those messages so too often unless it is something very crucial.

Blogs are still important to me because these are the only platforms that I could practise my writings, and store them, and have free reviews from the netizens, sweet!

Thank you social media and games for draining huge chunks of my time, about one third of it, thank you so much, you would not see me around in those unmentioned platforms, if yes, it would be just automated post generated by WordPress just to gain some little outside readers.



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