Lust Devoured (X-Rated)

The contours of her breasts were divulging through the cleavage that was intended in the scorching afternoon after school. She caught my eyes several times after knowing that she was a new kid on the block, and had a rich background. I got to get some ‘hi’s and ‘bye’s with her, scrutinising every curves that she had in the process, my trousers tightened up, soaked with the premature sweat, standing there petrified by the shape of her body, her bountiful bosom, her luscious locks, and her ethereal face.

Countless times that I played through the scene where we were deflowering, caressing each other, searching for each other in the midst of the flesh, connecting, interlocking, intertwined, between ourselves with sweat, warmth, and moisture. All of it was just mere imagination.

She was along the corner, I turned my back to walk back home. A gentle tap at my back, “Hey! Kundo.” I turned my back as I recognised the sweet voice of hers immediately, blushing a little, her top button was undone, she was breathing faster than me, I felt my lust surging my bloodstream, there was no one else except us left in the school, “maybe… we could… make lov…” her voice trailed off with the redness of her cheeks as she undid her next button, and got closer to me, pressing her voluptuous body against mine.

The unfettered carnal desire inside me took over my system, she closed her eyes to embrace me wholly, I grabbed her by the waist, guided her into the sports store room, once I locked the door shut, our tongues met each other for the first time in reality, it was as if a dream come true. I frantically swept through her slender, curvaceous tender skin.

Our tongues were still intact, I spanked her bottom twice, she muffled breaths of arousal into my mouth, she wanted more, my hands slithered back up to her breasts, fiddled with them, the two humps that every man desired to get their hands on, her nipples stiffened, her hands were pulling me closer as our tongues were excited with lust.

As my hands could not get enough of her breasts, her hands slipped down into my trousers, where I felt her hand against my endowment, she unzipped my trousers, letting the erection free to breath. That was what I thought. She gently pushed me to the dusty floor and crouched down to my waist. She was getting impatient, she indulged in my stick of cum, the mucky saliva of hers deluged me, she licked my balls, and clamped my endowment in between the pleasures of heaven. My breath stiffened, a jolt of excitement surged into my veins.

I put my hands unto her head, playing around with her hair, petting her, she purred and went even faster with her strokes, it’s coming… I whispered, “Cum on me…” agitated, pulsating even quicker, the euphoria of near release tingled me subcutaneously, “please…” she rubbed those extraordinary pair of breasts against my penis, licking the tip as if it was vanila ice cream. I could not hold it, my waist tensed up, my body stiffened in inexplicable joy, release, the warm cum went all over her face, she sucked everything cleaned and helped me up. She helped me with my trousers, I helped her with her clothes which had some loose buttons resulted from my brutality.

“Sorry for the buttons…” I gave her my uniform which clearly did not fit her, she rejected it because she had a spare shirt in her bag.

She changed in front of me, her luscious hair fell upon the curves of her body, shadowing the sensual glory that was shining into my eyes, “tomorrow… again…?” her tender, sincere voice made my head nod in assent. Our hearts raced as we marched into the open air, heading back to our homes.


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20 thoughts on “Lust Devoured (X-Rated)

  1. Good Gracious… This was something I haven’t read in a while… Maybe you should post some more of this!!😉😉

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