Our effort is dependent to the heart, the passion, the fire that we have for a particular subject of life. People who are devoted in their job are willing to do more, working the extra mile without any hint of disdain feeling in the heart; people who are gung-ho in research, they are willing to burn the midnight oil, learn more than the other researches in order to excel, and to achieve par excellence in their researches.

When you are affiliated with a mandatory obligation, regardless that you are a tax-payer, or a student, or someone who is paying of their debts to the government, all of these responsibilities becomes a must to us. However, that thing does not relate to you on a personal level, and thus you are obligated to carry out your duties as the mentioned roles in society half-heartedly because some of our hearts are not intact with the things that are obliged for us to carry out, in another words, we just do not care but we must do so.

Do you like your job? The majority would answer, no, because life is unfair, we do not get whatever we wanted even if we put in our hardwork, dedication during our study years, just to get our desired job. People, the majority, who work in undesired conditions tends to do things haphazardly, doing just for the sake of the pay check, not for the passion, dedication, commitment to the job, producing substandard results for most of the times. The negativity to the job is greater than the effort that we put into it, people complain about the bad side of the job, rant about how life is unfair to them, instead of using the effort of ranting and complaining to put them into their jobs, and hope that something would happen in the future- a pay raise or a promotion perhaps. At the very least, you do your job whole-heartedly, you would not feel any compunction, or negativity of not giving your best to the job.

As students, some teachers simply do not know how to teach or you could not understand the teachers at all, and we are left with ourselves, with nobody but yourself to guide yourself out of this pit of inferior, of not learning any academic knowledge in school. Students must have the savvy to act astutely to seek help whether it is from the Internet- the best silent or not so silent teacher in this era, or from your friends. However, students have the propensity in wasting their time by ranting, complaining about how bad the teachers are, et cetera. If you, as a student, feel that the classes are unproductive, you yourself have to be your teacher, and an ‘asker’. I am not condoning students to skip school or classes just because their classes are boring or unproductive, just have a simple form of respect to the teachers because we are obliged to do so.

Half-heartedness could be broadly perceived in any environment, this generation of people just do not give a damn about their everything because they want to have a sedentary life, living life in the easy mode, which is apparently not the case we have. Therefore, do what you like, do what you do not like which is forced, whole heartedly or using counterfeit passion.


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12 thoughts on “Half-Hearted

  1. This is excellent! I particularly enjoyed self-teaching slant that was taken in this post!

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