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It is my honour and pleasure to be having Benjamin in doing our first guest post. Make sure you go check out his Youtube channel too! Make sure to check out mine on his blog. Enjoy!

If you are told that tomorrow is the last day of life, the end of the world, what will you do that day?

Ahh the end of the world. If I’m told that when the clock strikes 12 and dragons would start reigning the skies, hurricanes appearing everywhere or even nuclear warfare becoming a reality-

I would call my love ones to assure them of the end being inevitable (so don’t enter freak mode, no point lol) while letting them know I love em, of course.

Finally, I’ll tell everyone to chill, maybe have a drink. Enjoy your last moments with your family and friends 😉

Don’t despair, why? We’re all gonna die one day anyway and IF this is going to happen- we’d all die and go to heaven or hell (or just disappear lol) together.

I don’t know about you but I’ve come to terms with the idea of death a long time ago.

I’ve entertained it a couple of times before in the past when I was really down in my life-Especially during the period when I lost my sweetheart, who was my reason to live (she left me, not die. Just thought I should mention it XD )-

and have come to understand and accept the fact that loss / death is found in every life. It’s tragic but it’s a reality.

However, why am I still so positive? Why the heck am I still so happy-go-lucky in life when I’ve experienced a few of the worst that life has to offer?

Well, simply put? Move on duuudeee XD

Also, aside from gaining the insight to life that death is a part of it, I’ve also learned something else- well more like remembering something:

Happiness is also a part of life. Hell, life is a part of life.

Best part of this all? We can steer the direction in which we experience life, mostly.

I can mostly choose how I want to feel in this journey towards death.

Whether I want to stay healthy, work towards having a family or have a life where my career actually satisfies me- I can make all that happen. I just need to CHOOSE to work towards them and put in the effort so that when I finally meet death, I can feel satisfied with my “ex-life” because I chose to live it in a specific way and have managed to see it through that way.

I remember life taking me down at one point and I felt like killing my self. Then-

I realized something. I was able to be so sad because I allowed myself to be. How? I allowed myself to be really happy.

Yup, it comes in a package! XD

We wouldn’t know happiness if we didn’t know sadness and vice versa. Amazing realization, eh?

So if you’re currently feeling extreme sadness? Chances are, you’ve experienced extreme happiness before and right now, you just can’t seem to experience that happiness again and hence, the depression.

My suggestion to free yourself from that clutch of sadness?

Be conscious of this package’s deal and fight for your happiness again. Don’t let failure or “death” hold you back or even bring you one step closer to her. It’s not time yet lol so don’t think about it and also, don’t let it scare ya.

Some people fear death- which is something that I find pretty dumb now lol. If you fear the inevitable? Oh boy, you’re in for a bad time.

It’s like scooby doo taking a ride on a roller coaster to escape a “Monster” but ends up coming back to it because it’s a one route journey. It’s a trap! XD

Naturally, you’d be afraid cause you know you’d be led over there lol. But look at it this way-

You can be afraid and scream like a horror flick heroine when you face death;

Or you can embrace death with a smile, have fun, enjoy and savor the journey before finally meeting her.

I don’t know about you but I think the former doesn’t sound very appealing to me lol. Besides, the latter sounds more fun hehe.

If you understand that life can be altered by your own efforts and you actually work towards it and see it happening?

You’ll know what I mean when I say death isn’t scary.

When you do, you’d feel a kind of freedom that you probably have never felt before. A release from the clutch of death. A second chance at happiness, if you’re currently held back by the idea of death.

So, with all this talk about death, it’s kinda depressing, eh? Let us take a step further into the topic 😛

What would you like to be remembered for after you die? 😉

Personally for me, I just wanna be remembered as the guy who believes in a beautifully good world and he did his best to make that vision a reality.

What about you? 

Your pal,

Benjamin is an inspirational figure who manifests himself in building a community- Project BIY, conjuring something positive, quirky in the blogging community which unites bloggers as a body. Make sure to check him out!


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8 thoughts on “Guest Post | Last Day Alive

  1. Reblogged this on Project Believe In Yourself and commented:
    Here’s a Guest Post that I did for zeckrombryan! Be sure to check out the Guest Post he did for me too on the PBIY blog 😉

    Thanks again for the collab feature, Bryan! May your blog go boom boom boom even more in the blogosphere XD

  2. Interesting and thought-provoking post. I’d like to be remembered as someone who sees the good in everyone, treats everyone fairly and always sticks to her beliefs

    1. Glad that you are! It’s rare (For me anyway) to find people who believe in goodness and fair treatment amongst everyone.

      Andale, are you a new blogger?

      Your pal,

  3. Wow, you’ve expanded to have guest posts! Good for you. Benjamin – you did a great job. I’ve also thought about the same thing, and what I would do. I also, have thought about what I would leave behind if the world ended, and how I would be remembered. Thank you for getting me to ponder some interesting things. Zeckrombryan – I write many things, in other genres, completely different from my humor blog. If you need another guest writer in the future, I would be honored to contribute. Thanks, and take care.

    1. Thanks Patrick!

      Perhaps you can tell us what you’ve pondered about at the time and share with us how you’d like to be remembered? Would be fun to talk to about, no? 😉

      Your pal,

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