Hanging in the skies by the suspending ladder of the chopper, he was beneath the city to infiltrate the system from below, me above. The shotgun was in my hand, fitted with a scope, I took out several soldiers in a shot, the rounds split into tens of fires, invoking some unwarranted attention to me.

The planned rendezvous point was a few feet away, I jumped off from the chopper before it was blew up by the enemy. Their arsenal was huge, if I was spotted, I’m screwed.

Not planning to fail, I dived straight into their thick lines of defense, I let my shotgun loose, pumped it to overdrive, I felt the machine burning against my skin, seeing the bodies tumbling one by one down to the floor, they were caught off-guard, the element of surprise assisted me.

Phew! My ear rang, I took cover behind the rock in front of me, Snipers. My intuition tingled. The searing pain from the immense heat started to turn malignant, my hands were burnt, it was beyond pain, it was excruciating. I need to get to the safe. I bandaged my hands.

CRACK! the rock was breaking apart. CRACK! I rolled into another cover. CRACK! They were desperate, CRACK! I hid behind a thick slab of cement. CRACK! I scrambled to the next spot, ARGHH! A bullet grazed my thigh, I pushed myself to the back of a piece of scrap metal.

The shootings stopped. Sotto voce. Lights were fully focused unto me. “INFILTRATOR!” I immediately recognised his voice, I was furious. I was hurt, wearied, my guts and anger took control over my body.

“WHAT IN THE ACTUAL…” A barrett sniper was pointed at my within point blank range, it was him, my partner, “why…”

He fired into my head, mercilessly, without even flinching, or blinking when the chunks of my brain splattered into him, “I’m a double agent.” Gravity pulled my lifeless body to the floor, another round of fire into my chest to confirm his kill.


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