A Little Chat, A Whole New Insight.

The sun was merciless even before the last few hours when it would be dawned, even the A.C. was particularly hot in Malaysia which has only three seasons, hot, hotter, and very hot. I sunk myself into the beanbag where Des was crossing his legs on the floor, scrolling through his phone.

“Stop scrolling through FB la… Come have a read on my blog.” I told him about my blog, and something interesting, he got really interested, and he browsed through some of the best posts. Consequently, he asked me about my past love, and why am I willing to wait for three years just to meet her.

Brad sauntered out of the classroom, with his dreamy looks that he retain on his fair face most of the time, and sat down in our circle. “ey, I didn’t have a look on your blog before leh, show xia.” I typed in my blog address to him, and he read it. Both commented about my vocabulary that I had used on my writings, some were too obscure to them, and Brad even mentioned about feeling inferior after reading my writings, I was not fluttered at all, I had the mixed feelings of being not able to write in order to bring impact to people.

They do like some of the posts, (the ones with the most views and likes), and Brad started his talk about how he met his girlfriend, “So… I waited eight years, eight long years! Can you imagine how much time I had wasted? I did not have the guts to reveal my feelings to her, during the Langkawi trip that I had with my gang including her, all of us excluding her knew that I was going to confess to her.”

He paused, “When we were playing the water skiing thing, the gang shipped us together to play on the same boat, but she refused, my friends started to talk too much, making the situation very awkward, she rather sit with another random stranger than to sit with me, everything turned awry very fast, I told them it was totally fine, so she sat with her best friend instead of me.”

“During the night, it was my confess time, but I was too afraid. I backed off. The next year during Valentines, I wanted to get along with her, but something went wrong, she was with someone else, and told me that if I were to persevere in this pursuit, I would be the one holding her hand, my heart sank into the Davy Jones’ locker. But, looking at the bright side, after letting go, I felt free, my current girlfriend is better than her a lot of times.”

“You talked about this three years thing, it would be to no avail if you were to purposely plan a meeting with her. Instead, you should make your name known to her through the mouths of her friends, that means you need to make your mark within this three years, make it big, your year-end project would be something ground-breaking for you, make yourself prominent so that she would feel bad to ignore you in the first place, she would come running to you.”

That means I got to bust my ass 10 times harder compared to what I am doing now. Score four flat in STPM, and make my mark, big, prominent in the writing world. All of that in three years.Ā The fire inside me burnt brighter than ever before, smouldering into a undying bonfire.


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