Same Taste

Since last year, I have not met someone who has the ardour in writing, until now, Erica, she is a writer. How fate works, I do not fully understand. Last year, I had a rival, but I had lost contact with him due to time, and my previous ‘master’ was left in the dust. It felt great when I came in contact with her for having the rare passion for writing.

Erica had written seven novels, some of which had been given away to her friends, and some are still in her stash. When I flitted across her writings, her style of conveying the story lines are akin to mine, it gave me a pang of mixed feelings for her. Perhaps this is the time when my hormones are spurring, and I have no control over it; or maybe this is just someone that I am lucky enough to meet; nonetheless, I have no clue.

It was Friday, I had a editorial board meeting- language department- which the seniors briefed us about the onuses of being in this department. I was early, I sat down first with two seniors, their demeanor divulged some minute details, as if they were really good friends, picked up some eye contact, and some twitches in their faces, during the wait of the other department members.

A rather light ebony figure was standing beside the table, she asked whether this was the language board, senior Shang replied, and she took a seat. We introduced ourselves, I was not paying any attention, after a long day, it would happen. However, my hormones (yes, I’m blaming them now) veered my eyes into her, I observed her, she looks nice, her demeanor depicts slight grandiose and elegance with a tinge of macho, she was wearing those round ‘hipster’ glasses, her voice is quite low- from the flu- and her presence felt as if pre-eminence took a turn of being nice.

After the meeting, we walked, and talked, told her about some of my basic info, and she shared some of hers. My first instinct was to tell her about my blog, because from her speech I knew she is a writer, just I did not expect the magnitude of difference of experience between us would be so great. She was all good about it, we chatted more via Whatsapp, and here is how another bond is formed.

P.S. JULY 2017
she told me that my blog is good,
she is quite nice,
and maybe my mind and hormones are playing tricks on me.
Glad to meet such people.


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