Carousel Chaos

Zephyr tingled my skin in the dead of the night, the metallic AK slung across my back, jaunting with the need to kill. I was being sent here by my thirst to exorcise this place, it was a derelict theme park, with rusty attraction games, eerie gleaming lights, torn down tents, filled with the only sound of the squeaking windmill which stood singularly in the middle of the haunted area.

I positioned myself into battle mode, making sure my rounds were enough, and scrutinising the low-light vicinity with utmost vigilance, my senses were aware that there was a figure flitting here and there in the park, wrecking my nerves simultaneously. Squinting my eyes, my body veered to my back to fire a couple of rounds in the misinterpretation of a wooden horse as the major threat, shredding the woodwork into sawdust.

My stance was immobilised when the carousel came to life, with a bunch of children sitting monotonously in the shimmering bright lights of it. A small child, approximately the height of my waist was frolicking in the spinning carousel, leaping and shouting with joy, I hesitated, but my intuition pulled the trigger, splattering the carousel blood-red, disfigured all of the children on board.

Why are you doing this… A daunting voice hissed beside my ears, I turned to the voice, only to see a petite little girl with pallid shrunken demeanor standing in front of me. I poised myself, pointing the tip of the gun into her head, preparing to send her brains into bits of mess.

When I pulled the trigger, click. click. the shots were not fired, the little girl’s lip quivered into a iniquitous smirk, blood started rolling down the sockets where her eyes used to be, she chewed unto my gun. I swung it violently, just to quicken the process of my weapon being eaten wholly. I reached out for my knife, too late, she slammed me across the park, sending me flying.

My head hit against the target of an attraction in the middle of the bullseye. Blurried, the little girl was in front of me, I was powerless, could not even muster a single ounce of energy to move a fibre of my muscle. She retrieved my AK from her mouth, covered in gore, bloodied. I was terrified, my last hope was for a miracle to happen, two bullets went straight into my eyes, shutting every realm of possibilities of hope.


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