Surging with anger, fear, jealousy, the green-eyed monster stormed into the house where the innocent husband was sitting nonchalantly in front of the TV, browsing through channels aimlessly. “Hon…”

“Hon what hon? Huh? You think I don’t know what you did for all these times ah?” she interjected, marched across the room to pull her husband’s ear, he cried out playfully, “You think you can hide from me?” her tone accentuated with wrath, betrayal.

“I didn’t do anything! I swear!” he lifted both of his hands up as a gesture of surrender.

She twisted his ears even harder, “then how could you explain this?” she dropped him, picked up his phone, and showed his recent conversations with other woman to him. “Why can like this? Who is she? Why did you not tell me about her?” Ascending tonality, anger building up in both parties.

His meek smile stole her heart, but she did not fall for it, “Don’t think you can laugh this off, mister!” He knew that he had to lay bare to her, but actually there was nothing going on.

“Are you jealous?” he slurred, and pressed her into the couch, both of their eyes interlocked, his dreamy eyes, and her ferocious eyes, both cancelling out each other’s convolution, converting the intense environment into something soothing. Their lips closed up unto each other, their bodies were stucked like glue, their hands each search through the familiarised solace, caressing themselves into a formulated eclipse.

Her breath was warm against his, the minty breath of his tingled her senses, their arms snuggled both of their heads vigorously against each other, “please…” she huffed, “I won’t… doubt you…” her breath quickened, so as his. Their bodies rubbed against each other, creating the friction, negating all the misconceptions from before.

“Shush…” his naughty undertone turned her on, he pressed his finger against her lips, both of them making passionate love, nothing could intervene in their world, the singularity that was, that could only be miraculously conjured by them.


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