The alien technology was in my hand, it was an anti matter gun- instantly evaporates anything that come in contact. I kept my head low, a one-man show in raiding the bank, not an ordinary bank, but the multinational giant bank safe. The bank had a multitude of defence and surveillance.

I decided to bust the bank in the closing hours through the front door, that was the only, and the best possibility to break into this modus operandi. The defence system needed to be rebooted during the closing times, it had this split second of chance, that I could overwrite the code of the safe. The chances raised from 0 percent to 0.001 percent of success.

My coat was heavy, I was standing singularly at the front door of the bank, steadied my anti matter gun, tuned it to the maximum blast, and tossed it at the counter, letting it run wild, the bank was reduced to a half torn structure, sporadic holes appeared at random places of the bank.

BANG! The device overloaded and exploded. I ran into the place where the safe was at. Equipped with my partial matter suit, I was able to convert anything that I touched into semi-fluid temporarily. Time was not on my side, I heard sirens blaring across the building. I crossed through a wall, and I found the safe.

One minute of silence, and chaos outside. “Mister! You are surrounded by the police! Please surrender now!” for the megaphone, annoying. My eyes were glued to my watch, waiting for it strike six, I did what I supposed to do, but the safe would not budge. Screw it… I activated the suit, crossed through the thick walls of the safe.

The glitter of the gold was splendor, I stuffed as much gold that I could shove inside my bag, and BANG! BANG! BANG! “Mister! This is your last warning! Surrender now!” there were more violent bangs. my heart rate did not race, I did not expect this to go well at all. This was an absurd plan, the probability of failing was 99.99 percent, but just for the 0.01 percent, I was outweighed the chance of success, overlooking the big chunk of information that was laid in front of me.

I knew I had no where out, I picked out the black hole grenade- a coin- from my pocket. BANG! Showers of bullet broke through the air. Hasta la vista. I flicked the coin into thin air, when the first bullet came in contact with the bullet, the black hole instantaneously devoured the entirety of the bank, I activated the suit back then, I survived the fall, everything was dark, my eyes could not perceive another spectrum of light, I was deemed to dwell in this nothingness, until my last breath was heaved.


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Published by zeckrombryan

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10 thoughts on “Heist

  1. Aliens technology or aliens subject at all gives a lot of possibilities, where only your imagination can limit you, but I think, you don’t have a problem with this one 😉
    Take care and hae a nice day.

  2. I love your concept for the story. I do think that, while a certain amount of choppiness can add to the story, a little bit of editing for clarity and flow may bring the idea to the next level. That said, I definitely enjoyed this!

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