Border Patrol

Sipping my cup of joe, sauntering in the vicinity of my working area, nothing special, all banal. Taking another generous sip, cussing about how bad the bitterness of economical coffee overshadowed the natural sweetness of coffee, the only magnificence, and the quirk of the taste of the coffee. It was blazing hot, it was summer, the sun had no mercy, I laid back unto my jeep, just me and my coffee, Another boring day at the borders… 

The day job was just at its start, and my mind was grumbling away with the insipid heart of mine. I recollected about why I wanted to join the job, it was because it had low requirements, and I desperately needed a job to sustain myself. The pay was just nice, and the job just needed me to be here, that was what they briefed me with.

I did not get a partner, neither of us in this job had, we were short of people, and we were urged to patrol the borders, just to keep them safe from terrorists and illegal immigrants. Unequivocal was the motto, unclear was I about my duties, there were times when I met helpless people walking right into me, shivering in fear, quivering in starvation, I was the one who was in fear because I did not know what to do.

Taking the last sip of my joe, I threw the cup unto the ground, revealing my canteen of vodka, drinking off my day job, it’s going to be another regular day, without any shit happening. I took another hefty drink. I just needed to stand here until my shift ended and I could go home. I did not feel like doing anything today, I looked into the clear sunny sky, pondering about nothing.

This was my job, there were no terrorists marching into the borders, spraying their guns into me, three months into this job, and I could not make use of my time, I’m going to bring a book to read tomorrow. I told myself when my empty thoughts were filled with something.


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