Value The Temporal.

Photograph and post idea by : key_to_kye

Inspired and influenced by : Dan Millest

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Time has labelled us with ‘expiry dates’, disregard of living or non-living things, we are stamped and deemed to be claimed by the void of nothingness itself. We are racing against time, to realise and to make true our dreams; to achieve par excellence of life; to acknowledge and to love our loved ones; to experience, to enjoy, to taste the bittersweet of life; all of those are to be done in this short span of time before breathing in the first breath from heaven.

Everything has its stipulated intrinsic value given by ourselves. We often catogerise facets of life according to its worth to be retained as a memory. If an event was uneventful, our brain would most likely discard that piece of memory because it was meaningless, and a waste of brain storage; whereas if an event was eventful- good or bad, it would have pock-marked the memento somewhere in the regions of our memories, so that we could recall the good, the bad, and the ugly of the particular event during any point of our lives.

The prospect of losing something valuable is highly susceptible because everything would decay or cease to exist at some point in time. Our minds are fond of enjoyable moments, we tend to stretch the period of that moment, but that kind of moments passed through the fastest. Same logic applies to things that we value, the clearer we are with everything that we value, the more it would be temporary, but the memories about it would be with us until death do us part.

We strive until we get what we want, if we got up there, at the pinnacle of success, is that it? You would have a propensity to ask this very question- am I at the wrong place? No place is wrong or correct, both words or descriptions are just contextual, never a fundamental to life, even if we realise the goals that we had achieved are not what we wanted, they are going to be labelled as a part of life, an indubitable destiny, a piece of memento for our lives, and a worthy experience with handling life in exchange with all the time and effort spent in achieving the ‘wrong’ goal.

Letting go something important in a binary situation is sure a dilemma, an enigmatic turning point in life, but those lines would connect in eventuality. Everything happened for a reason. Photography was all I have, if I were forced to choose between photography and you, I would let go of all I have, just to have all of you, because you are temporal, you exist only in this frame of time, after that, you would be gone into thin air, and I would be left without you. During that frame of time, if I spent my time wholly on photography, I would not have time to relish your presence, but if I were to spend my time on you, since you are temporal, I would get the best of both worlds, enjoying your presence, and capturing life via my lens after you departed.

Life is a joyful confusion where for someone in somewhere at sometime, cash is not the ultimate currency of life, but the unending sacrificial love is. Life is temporal, memories last until we pass on, live to create moments worth remembering, value the temporal, do more, do what you could not, in order to make life more interesting, more invigorating.

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