Re-Birth #Exodus

“Wake up, Candace.” she shook me. There were two towering figures standing in front of me, one in suit and tie, a nonentity, one was Candace, in a flowery blouse. “Your name is now Candace Elizabeth Newmaker.” what the fuck? I attempted to speak, no words came out from my mouth, something is wrong with the food yesterday.

“If you are one of me, this family, I have the right to change your name however I wanted to,” Newmaker spoke. The nonentity, presumably a lawyer, stood there, deadpan expression. I tried to mimed my face in a danger mode, but the lawyer did not notice. He continued reciting the law procedures, and my name was forever changed Candace fucking Newmaker, and an Elizabeth as my middle name.

The lawyer left without even looking at me, now I’m literally part of her family, She turned to me and told me that everything would be fine, and she just wanted a normal life. I was obstinate to even move from my place. When I opened my mouth the swear, it was just my mouth opening, no sound came out, What had you done to me, bitch? My face was unequivocal of what was I saying inside me.

“You just see. I want a normal life, a normal family.” This bitch is crazy. My mind was running tonnes of way to flee from this place, but none seemed to work, I was too hungry to move, too thirsty to even lift a muscle. there was something in last night’s dinner. I need to get out of here asap. 

KNOCK. KNOCK. Two generous knocks. Newmaker got the door, I slumped to the ground. Four people came in. They said they were psyciatrist, Ponder, Watkins, St. Clair, McDaniel, two petite women in specs, each holding a clip board, two bulk men, solid.

Ponder spoke first, she was blonde, with a heavy undertone, “Candace… This rebirth ritual is to bond you with your new ‘mother’ even closer.” she paused briefly, “you need to understand, your behaviour is making your mother concern, you should stop, and adhere to this ritual.” I was skeptical, I shrugged in the nook that I slept on when I first stepped into the house.

Newmaker passed me a cup of water, “Come on, don’t be stingy. Drink up.” Ponder urged me, Newmaker’s hands were lowered down meekly, shaking. I snatched the water from her, drank it, coughed out some of the residual dryness of my throat, I have to stay collected, act accordingly. I slipped the pocket knife into my pocket which I had found during yesterday’s scout throughout the kitchen.

“Can I believe in you?” shedding some veracity into my voice, my first sentence without any swear words here. Newmaker’s eyes shimmered with joy and hope, the psychiatrists agreed in unison. Fighting back would be foolish, five adults against a child, the odds are not on me, I have to play their game. “Mama. I am your child.” sugar coating my scheming mind, Newmaker was in joyous tears. This is preposterous.

They set up a bed with a navy blue flannel, “Come, Candace, lay down here.” she prompted me, three of the other psychiatrists stood around me, something’s wrong… “Come on, lay in fetal position.” I obeyed with uncertainty. She wrapped me in the flannel, discarding all light from entering my sight, darkness was my only companion.

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