Keep Pulling The Arrow

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Inspired and influenced by: Miles Toulmin

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The adage- an arrow only can be shot by pulling it backwards- depicts the intrinsic meaning behind keeping your dreams alive, by doing so, predicaments would be the hindrance to you achieving your dreams, the pain of regret would make you put down your dreams prematurely, which is why most of the people rather let go of their dreams than to persevere in attaining them.

Calligraphy was one of my aspirations, it was an art which uses black ink to create words with your way with a Chinese brush. I was a recognised calligrapher in this field, my works could be sold for money, that was how good I was. However, there was a major setback which made me drop the brush, forever. It was a national competition, I lost it because I did not abide to one of the rules of making sure the arrangement of words were vertical. The set back pock-marked my very soul to carry on this dream, the fear gripped me in my throat, I gave up my dream, it dissipated into thin air, forever. I did not even think of picking up calligraphy again because of the fear of regret and setbacks. The fear of setback is detestable, humans hate the thought of failing, this is why we keep on failing in keeping our dreams alive, we let go our arrow too easily.

Every rose has its thorns, life is never a bed of roses, it is filled with ups and downs that of a roller coaster ride. The semantics of the good and the bad things happening in our life is somewhat blurred, sometimes we exaggerate the bad over the good, vice versa. However, we must be unequivocal with this fact which states that everything happens for a reason, whatever the reason is- good or bad, we can learn from them. Little do we know, what if the bad things in our life would lead to the eventual fulfillment of our dreams; what if the set back is the set up of the hidden stories of our lives. The good and the bad things that happen in our lives are contextual, it is utterly based on your mindset, the more open your thinking is, the more you would learn from the things.

People are too busy trying to figure out how to join the dots of their lives forward instead of looking backwards and actually join the dots of the just-so-happens in their lives. Most of us spend too less time thinking about the present and the past, and focus too much about the future, neglecting all the great things that is at plain sight. All work no play makes Jack a dull boy best illustrates this situation, this saying gives us a clear picture about people focusing too much on some facets of life and are blind to the more important things which are at plain sight, highlights that we must be holistic in order to be different, and to keep your arrow pulled and steadied.

The innate passion inside us is planted for a reason, it is up to us to keep it alive, feed it with impetus to negate boredom, fan the smouldering flames of passion in our heart into a roaring fire. We are humans, emotional beings, given the leeway to have the zeal to realise and never relinquish on our passion. I was cited as a crazy guy for having the passion and the love for Maths and to become a Mathematician in Malaysia, I was a laughing stock, even by my parents, they said to me sardonically, staring into me with expressions of ‘what a joke’ painted all over their faces which mocked me about not earning a living by doing Maths, eventually succumbing to the adversities of life and giving in my love for Maths. It was depressing, but my love for Maths trumped their disheartening commentaries. I keep my passion alive, I love Maths, even up until now, disregard about how other people think about me, this is my life, I do whatever I want with it, I do what I love, I do Maths. Follow your passion. Do not falter. Never give up. Do more.

Pulling back the arrow signifies that you are ready to shoot into the target of your dreams, but do not forget to not let go because pulling the arrow wearies you, and makes you relinquish your dreams untimely. Thus, patience and perseverance are your best friends, two of them must come hand in hand in order to make sure you have the ardour to pull your arrow, the acuteness to aim your arrow, the stamina to keep pulling the arrow, and a brilliant mind to release the arrow whenever you are ready.


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