War Token

The bombshells were prepped in the base of the Germans, Steve and Gal were the underdogs, the undercover, the last hand sent by the Great Britain, to end the war to stop all wars, to stop the war that would bring peace.

Soldiers were engaged in combat from afar of the German base, it was a distraction, a major one, just to spread out their manpower in this base which contained the crucial key to stop everything, the deadly biological weapon- a poisonous hydrogen gas bomb (H-poison) that could eat into every piece of fabric, even our subcutaneous layer of protection into bread crumbs.

There were tonnes of those deadly weapons, their soldiers greatly outnumbered two of them, 5000 to 1, that was how overwhelming it was. The plan was risky, but if the risk was not taken, hundreds of thousands more innocent lives would be incinerated into nothingness, the void of humanity.

The duo were natural lovers, found love at first sight when they were first appointed as spies, worked miraculously, uncovered several major scandals in the country at that time, they even helped out Edward VII to solve to cross several murky waters.

Plan. Move. Eye to eye, telepathically, they sneaked into the first watch tower. Their reactions were too fast, the enemies were helpless to them. After snapping a few necks, the first tower was secured by them. Next phase. they saw trains of H-poison transferred into the fighter cargoes which were ready to take off.

This was not part of the plan, they were late by a few beats, the Germans were too quick, they knew, but it was too late. “Is those H-poisons flammable?” Steve questioned, a premonition was brewing.

Gal did not sense Steve was going to do something out of the world, “yes.” and answered nonchalantly. The air turned rancid, arid, as some bombs on multiple watch towers detonated, Steve had his earplugs on, but Gal did not, her ears rang.

The explosions shook the entirety of the base, forcing one of the air-crafts to take off. Steve grabbed her shoulders, shaking her, shouting into her, little did he know, her ears were malfunctioning at that moment, nothing went into her, she stood there in oblivion as Steve pushed her away.

BOOOOMMMM!!! the main base exploded, everything was out of the plan, Gal’s PTSD kicked in, her knees were jellied, she crouched to the floor, reminiscing the drudgery that she had gone through, the torture that she had to endure during the first encounter with the Germans.

Steve sprinted towards the plane that was taking off with the assistance of a jeep, he climbed unto the plane, prepared to save innocent people. He yanked the hatch off, anticipating the enemy to be guarding. A sudden grip by his neck, he cleverly threw his enemy out of the hatch, leaving two pilots steering the cargo.

It was unprecedented, everything was, Steve became the wild card because he had the hope to end the war, Gal remembered there was something that she needed to execute, to immediately end the war, she just could not remember what was it, she scavenged the watch tower for something, she snapped back into consciousness, it was not a something, it was a somebody.

The pilots were completely caught off-guard, they were knocked out easily by Steve, knowing that he needed to blow up this thing in order to save lives, hopefully ending the war. He smiled giddily in the rear wind-screen of the plane, a deluge of her mementos flooded his mind, those minutiae moments, where they were on the beach, no wars, licking vanila ice-cream beatifically, together, no mess, no dark clouds, in a moment which could be forever, relishing the presence of themselves, he pulled out the pin of the grenade, flung it to the back of the plane. Hope the war to end wars would end.

KA-BOOM! the bang was tumultuous, blinding. Gal witnessed it, she was broken, shattered, emitting the throes, the mourning of her loved one, the one that built a singularity with her, dissipated into nothingness, the void of life, to save thousands of worlds moulded by the living souls of this realm.

Gal was struck dumb by this shock, she realised that she had no reason to live on anymore. The Chief in Commander, stormed into the very vicinity that she was standing, this was the somebody that Gal was looking for, she was too devastated to even flinch.

“Any last words?” the German spat those words in a ravaging style, she was still in shock. Hope the war to end wars would end. It was his voice, his last message, the recollection of the abrupt leave of Steve came winnowing into her thoughts.

“Gal, you need to take out the Chief in Commander.” Steve was shouting into her as the explosions went off.

“I don’t understand.” all Gal experienced at that moment was dizziness and Steve’s mouth moving around, and small lapse of sounds entering her deaf ear.

“I am going to stop the plane from going to its designated location.”

“I still don’t understand!” she shouted in frustration, perceiving Steve’s anxiety, but barely catching what he was saying.

“Don’t try to stop me.” He handed her a time piece which was given to him by her as a token of their love, “I love you.” As soon as she received the time piece the PTSD kicked in, she did not know until the German pointed the gun to her.

Gal spun and kicked his legs, throwing him off balance, reaching out for the gun, ramming her finger on the trigger. Click. Click. Click. “Shit.” she smashed the tip of the gun into the German’s eye, a fountain of blood was gushing out of the German’s veins, the evil master had meet death whom blinked into him, taking him away for the betterment of the future.

“the was has ended.” she uttered to the sky, their love was eternal, she could sense that he had that message. “I’m going to continue his promise, to work for the country, to prevent evil from justice, to negate wars.”


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