Final Letter to Her

Dear Lerr:

If you are reading this, probably never, it would be after your flight to Korea, or after your studies in Korea, I do not know. But, I just want to wish you a safe flight and a wonderful experience studying in Korea. It is just pure irony, not everything in life is fair, I am not blaming anyone or anything but myself. 

This would be my last letter to you, I have decided to let go of you, letting away my thoughts about you, setting myself free to more options in life. I have realised that water and oil do not mix, so I am moving on to the next phase of my life. You deserve someone better than me, what am I saying, what I want to say is that, I am… I just do not know how to structure them into words, I just wanted to greet you a simple goodbye, but I do not have the courage to do so.

Make sure you do not get sick, get to know more oppa, maybe date one also (haha), do not forget about Malaysia (but most probably you will), drink a lot of water, make more friends, go experience, be safe. 

At this point of this letter, my heart does not feel anything, anymore, maybe the cut is too deep for me to feel anything, anymore. I just want to stop thinking about you like last time, and yes I did. Thank you for all the times you have spent with me, to let me know how life feels like when it hit me so hard. 

If you do come back and visit Malaysia, I want to hear stories from you, it is something that got into me lately, I fell in love in listening to stories and writing them down. So, until then, let destiny weave our futures respectively, carve magnificent wings into both of us, so that when we meet again, and share about our lives with each other, we would be more experienced in life. I hope that we would not be total strangers at that time, but friends, just friends.

With hope,

A Letter to Her
Tangled Skein
Hope. Joy..

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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

30 thoughts on “Final Letter to Her

  1. I really hope that she finds it someday and feels it with all the feelings that you have put into writing such a beautiful letter.
    aahhh…someone read it please..!!

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