Disclaimer: This is completely fictional, if any coincidences happen in this write-up, they are just a coincidence. Please keep an open mind while reading it, thank you.

The atmosphere was arid, the night sky was dead hanging with stars shining sparsely across the spreadsheet of darkness, two cars collided in the roads, a normality in this country. The victims fretted, called the ambulance almost instantaneously, the foreigners just had their supper and the few met a tragedy in the face.

There were people who stopped by to offer assistance, such as lifting the seriously injured to a side, the ones who are not hurt continue to wait in distress.

5 minutes, “Walao Eh! Where’s the ambulance?” 10 minutes, “Sibeh long one? People dying already loh!” 15 minutes, they trampled the grounds, sensing a prominent premonition. 20 minutes, “I’m so done with this CB country.” the foreigners were in an utter frustration, hopelessness. 27 minutes, the red and blue blaring lights shot through the darkness, lifting up the seriously injured into the ambulance.

The foreigners hopped into the ambulance, they were sped to the hospital, saying prayers under their breaths, cursing the lateness of the ambulance in their thoughts. The ambulance made its way to the nearest hospital, the seriously injured victim was rushed inside, the foreigners accompanied.

“What? You kisiao ah? You want me to pay first to treat my friend?” the foreigner was exasperated.

“This… is… the. policy. sir…” the nurse stammered.


Another figure popped into existence, it was the doctor in charged, “If your friend needs to be treated, pay first lah, deposit tu, baru we can start.” what the fu… “Or else you sign je contract ni for the release of patient tu at risk to be sent back to your country for treatment, kan your country memang bagus punya.”

Walao,simi lanjiao deposit?! People dying leh, still want people go back to their own country to be treated?”

“We already give your friend a basic scan,” the doctor said irresponsibly, “no money, no treatment.” he insisted with his chin up to the sky, the foreigners had no point in fighting back.

Siao Eh! CB lah! that’s why you friggin pricks are still rolling in the damn mud.” the foreigner snatched the pen from the doctor, dragged his friend into the car, flew back to their country, unfortunately, death was a step ahead, claiming the life of the seriously injured victim prematurely because of the mismanagement of the hospital, and the lack of pure doctors’ heart.

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