Mind Deviation

The remnants of the space craft was the only company that I had after the intense outbreak in the intergalactic fight of the tyranny. We were the Resistance, and we suffered stellar losses but a phyrric victory. But… how… why… did I do that?

Against the tyranny, we though we had no chance of winning, their forces were greater than ours, overwhelmed by their sheer number, but we had the demarcation line, the turning point technology that barely won us this fight.

Our spaceship, and our consciousness were interconnected, the weapons built in depended on the will-power that we had inside us. If we were desperate enough, the blast emitted would scatter asunder, hitting everyone around us, including the allies. That was our trump card, me.

During the outbreak, I saw my team mates were getting swatted into nothingness, leaving the detritus to fill up the empty space. I was doing my best, blasting away every single enemy with precision, but their numbers were too large. My consciousness was utterly intact with the every happening in the battle ground. My comrades plunged to their deaths one by one, with a dramatic drop.

I lost it, my self-control. letting my will-power, desperation exuded my head, a glimpse of blindness, a skip of a heartbeat, I demolished the entire vacant galaxy. What have I done? I sobbed under my breath, Why did I let myself loose? I killed all of them, including my loved ones… 

The thoughts were thrown aside when a black hole emerged as the orbitals, the dusts collapse into a infinite dense space, acting as a falling pit of my doom.

My survival instincts kicked in, I ramped up the spaceship into light-speed, but to no avail. I kept my composure, persisted to keep my life burning. Your crew are dead, what do you live for? The sudden kick of reality tossed me into a sudden realisation, Even your dear partner is dead during the outbreak of the tyranny, what do you live for? The negativity surged my mind. I was losing myself. You are the cause of their death, you should pay for the price. I lost it.

Without measuring the pros over the cons, cotton out the good over the bad, I completely lost my hope, the spaceship started to malfunction. The torque of the spaceship was imbalanced, I was fell straight into the black hole, reaching the depths of infinite mass and infinite density, death was quick, ripping my molecules into quarks, leaving me not even dust to go back into, nothingness was the place I belonged to.


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Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

13 thoughts on “Mind Deviation

  1. Well, you are a writer… I bet you can turn darkness into light, like in Star Wars, somehow you and your characters can make a miraculous come back. I found this interesting, how did you decide to write about “outer space?”

      1. As I read your pieces it seems to me you read a lot or watch a lot of different movies, because your mind is everywhere. What is your goal? Are you trying to be a writer? Since you write so much you might as well submit some short stories for publication. Have you done that? FIRST THOUGH, you need to learn to edit. You write like a race horse, meaning very quickly and then you press “send.” NEXT step in the writing process is to S L O W down, reread and fine tune what you have written. I’m not an expert writer by any means, I’m just offering an observation that you have some good writing ideas, now, you just need to take the time to fine tune before pressing “send.” ALSO, for those of us who are NOT into x-rated stories, it would be nice if you were “polite” like other authors and indicate at the TOP of the article in parentheses that this story is (x-rated), so we know what we are getting into. I was just on someone’s site and they did that, I really appreciated it. Nothing wrong with that type of writing, but it’s not what I enjoy reading. Seems to me you want “some” career in writing. Keep creating and fine tuning your work. Now, back to the space ship, we need to salvage the lost ship! 🙂

      2. Wow… Thank you for reading through my stories, the tip on putting (X-rated) on the title is a good idea, I would put it next time. And yes, I want to be a writer, if slow is the right step, I will give it a go. My goal is to let people know my writing and perhaps have my story bleed through the generations forever. Really appreciate you for your time and effort. I will now salvage the lost ship of mine.

      3. Ah, you made me smile. It always happens in the movies, we think it is the END, no sequel and somehow the main character comes BACK! When I say slow… I mean, get your thoughts down on paper, but BEFORE you press “SEND,” re-read what you have written and fine tune the writing. Know what I mean? Sometimes I write, then the next day re-read what I wrote and see places where I could make the writing even better. Remember… if you want to be a writer, then you want to put GOOD STUFF out there, not stories that still read like they are in “draft stage.” YOU’VE GOT THIS! And “thanks” for adding “x-rated.” Since you have Categories, just put ALL of those stories in a category and in parentheses “romance / x-rated.” This way we can CHOOSE what we want to read of yours. Like going to the LIbrary, give us the choice. 🙂

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