You Are A Mustard Seed of Miracles

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It is conspicuous that there are too many bad things- vices- and way too little good things- kindness- revolving around our lives. When we browse through certain good news which consist of a simple, mandatory act of kindness- helping out with an accident- is going to promulgate through the social media or the internet that of a wildfire. However, the bad news are so common that we have a care less attitude to it or even do not have any feelings for it at all.

Is there still hope in humanity with all these ruckus going on? To put it simply, are our generations to come screwed up? yes and no. I still have the simple faith in humanity because a Chinese adage stated- humans are bornt into the world with a kind heart. Humans can change drastically if they wanted to, or else we would be deep down in the pit of nadir, where humanity would cease to exist. The fact of being human is the collective facets of humanity- kindness, wellness, emotions, conflicts, imperfections, trust, love, nothingness, bountifulness- that make us humans.

Most of us are selfish: we earn a living for ourselves, we make efforts to achieve our ambitions, we read to broaden our knowledge, we do most of the things for the betterment of ourselves. Why? How? When do we become so selfish? Is it when we come of age? Or is it under the influence of our parents? Or is it right after we are borned into this intoxicated world flooded with the stench of filthy humans? No, it is when we realise about self-love, self-value, self-actualization, self-conscious, ourselves.

Remember those innocent times where we are still a pre-modern epoch child, we got to play around with our ‘friends’ in the park every day; explore the backyard of our houses, treading through muddy fields; catching bugs; building sandcastles; we utter the genuine ‘I love you’ to our parents; without being bound by the chains of technology. However, we grow up, our ‘friends’ become nonentity; we stopped going outside, we stayed in more often instead; we spent more time with the pixelated screens rather than our parents; we hang out more with alcohol than our parents; we are genuine only when we are sober; we talk less about our own feelings; we do not share the simplicity of life and the happiness, joy with the people around us; we simply forgot how to be human.

We need a miracle to fix this, need not search far, look at yourselves, you are one. Mustard seeds are one of the most miraculous plants in nature, its seed is as puny as a grain of rice, but when given time and the right amount of care, it would grow into a forest. We are small in comparison to the seven billion people alive, we are the mustard seed, do not wait for the miracle, we are a miracle. “Even if you haven’t received the miracle you seek, be a miracle for someone else.”- Nick Vujinic.

Miracles come in various forms, not only just those transcendent acts of changing one’s life, but also even a simple act of kindness by opening the door for someone, or greeting a ‘good morning’ to someone or just saying a ‘thank you’ to the one who serves you coffee everyday. A heart of miracles is contagious, if you help someone, they might not remember your face, but they would remember the minutiae of your miracle, and you indirectly made their day, they might do the same to other people too. Hence, a small miracle can burgeon, proliferate into a mesh work of goodness, wellness, restoring the leap of faith into humanity.

We often put too much effort into our passions, neglecting the true, intrinsic meaning of having that particular passion. Doctors heal people, formulate a new cure for the sick, mantled with the cloak of a saviour. However, there is something doctors might forget, the charitable heart to heal whoever who is hurt regardless of the place, this is quite a small case; doctors might abstain from the responsibility to train the next generation in order to shoulder the legacy of being a true doctor, this is more of a serious problem. What if you have saved a million lives in your lifetime? What about your life after? Are you still saving people or are you laying in your tomb? Your teachings would flow down in posterity, inspiring other people to save lives too, that way your miracle of saving does not stop after you die, it would be the incessant flow of anointing to humanity.

“The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.” with seven billion people, we just need one of you, each of you, to be the miracle, the hope carrier, the vessel of faith to humanity. It might sound a lot, but it is simple, a cinch. It is better to be good to other people than to hate other people, it is better for your heart, mind, and soul, so that humanity would never lose the touch of being human.



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Kelvin’s draft (if you are interested):

”Even if you haven’t received the miracle you seek, be a miracle for someone else.”

  • One of my favorite quote of Nick Vujicic.
  • Always got me thinking, how exactly can I even be a miracle for someone else?
  • How can ordinary people like you and me be such a inspirational figure like Nick to others?
  • I believe many do not even have the time or heart to seek miracle let alone being a miracle for someone else.
  • Most of us are so money or ambition driven.
  • But what is next after your ultimate goal.
  • How long can my happiness last with my fortune or fame or whatever I am holding on to.
  • A wise man once told me
  • “What good will it be for a someone to gain the world, yet forfeit their soul?”
  • which made me realize the importance of prioritizing to lend a hand to anyone everyone in my life.
  • Everyone can make a difference in the world with a heart to serve and help.
  • They might not remember how do you look like, but they will definitely remember how did you become a blessing for them.
  • If we no nothing, no one could be helped. If we do something, someone could be helped.
  • Always having a initiation to help will guarantee a cascade of happiness.
  • A heart to help is absolutely contagious, by making someone else’s day, that some one else might just go on and make another one else’s day and it goes on and on.
  • Helping others can be as simple as holding a door for a stranger.
  • It generates a broad spectrum of mutual positive emotions.
  • “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few”
  • If you can sustain the heart to help, achieving joy for the rest of the life time will no longer be impossible.

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